What is the cost of ED Shockwave Therapy? - Liquid (2023)

According to research, almost52% of menexperience some form of impotence. This percentage increases by another 5 to 15% as men reach their 40s and 70s. But fortunately, with today's technology, there is a way to fight erectile dysfunction.

One of these ways is ED Shockwave Therapy. This therapy is an excellent alternative for men who prefer a simple but effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

If you're wondering, "Does Shockwave Therapy really work for erectile dysfunction?", we'll explain more about that in the information below.

What is ED Shockwave Therapy?

Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy (LiSWT) is the medical term for shockwave treatment. It is a non-invasive therapy used in the orthopedic industry to repair broken bones, damaged ligaments and torn tendons.

ED Shockwave Therapy is also used to accelerate wound healing. LiSWT can stimulate tissue regeneration and cell growth with targeted high-energy sound waves.

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An erection depends on a healthy blood supply to the penile tissue. Shockwave therapy is positively evaluated as a means of treating penile blood vessels and increasing blood supply.

ED Shockwave Therapy works by applying a wand-like device to the penis. By moving the device along the penis, it sends small impulses to stimulate blood circulation.

For the therapy to be effective, the treatment should last about 15 minutes.

How to get the most out of itED Shockwave therapy

As you may know, there are many reasons why a man mightexperience impotence. Some of them may be the result of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. In other cases, it can be more of a psychological problem when a man is stressed or anxious, affecting his sexual performance.

During ED shockwave therapy, it's also worth trying to do things that will improve your outcomes. By fighting the problems that naturally cause erectile dysfunction, you can get the most out of your therapy.

For example, by eating healthy and exercising, you can fight the effects of diabetes and improve your health and overall endurance. If you have any emotional or psychological problems, talk to your therapist. This way you can improve your mental health to be better in your sex life.

Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction at home

You might assume that you have to go to a clinic to receive ED shockwave therapy, but that's not the case. There are shockwave therapy devices for erectile dysfunction that you can buy and treat yourself at home.

Correct! You have the option to skip traditional shockwave therapy and do it yourself. Really,home therapy sessionsMan.

Here are the basic steps:

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  • Prepare your device for the treatment
  • Apply the gel to the area
  • Start therapy

By using a portable shockwave therapy device for erectile dysfunction, you can get treated anywhere. The device has many modes that allow you to control what you feel comfortable with. You can also select the wave power you want, and there is a warm-up feature that allows you to warm up the device so it doesn't get too cold.

The treatment lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your wishes. In addition, the set with the camera includes ultrasound gel, AC / DC power supply, user manual and a travel bag.

The Fluent ED shockwave therapy device has a one-year warranty. So you can rest assured that you're covered no matter what.

Shockwave therapy devices for ED: cost

Shockwave therapy is inexpensive, especially if you buy a home device. In general, if you go to the clinic forshockwave therapy, each session costs approximately $350. Most men need about six sessions. That's $2,100 total.

However, the EDX machine is only $699. Remember, once you buy a Fluent EDX device, it's yours forever.

Although some men go to the clinic for therapy and only need six treatments, this only includes the initial sessions. At some point, most men will need to see a doctor again, which means additional costs.

If paying upfront for any of your EDX devices is too expensive, don't worry. Financing options are available.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

There is no argument against the fact that ED Shockwave Therapy has many benefits. Not only does it correct impotence, but it does so in a way that is very beneficial to the patient.

Here are some of the benefits below:

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1. Painless

One of the best things about shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is thisit's painless. Although the wand must come into contact with the intimate area, it does not hurt. This form of therapy uses very light impulses to stimulate blood flow.

So you never have to worry about feeling sore after the procedure or taking time off work to recover. This method is effective and works well without causing discomfort or pain to the patient.

2. Medications are not necessary

Unlike other treatments, shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction does not involve medication. For people who do not want to take any medications, this is a great alternative. The downside to taking medication to treat erectile dysfunction is that medications cancause side effects.

These side effects can cause discomfort and complications in other areas. Not only that, it creates an additional burden because you have to remember to take your medications. If you don't, drug treatment may not be effective.

On the other hand, the shockwave method of erectile dysfunction treatment does its job without forcing you to take harmful drugs.

3. Time saving

You don't need to spend more than 30 minutes on shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction at home. There are no long meetings lasting two to three hours.

Just spend a few minutes on therapy and that's it. This method is a great time saver.

4. Non-invasive

Unlike other treatments for erectile dysfunction, Shockwave Therapy is non-invasive. There are no implants involved, and when you use shockwave therapy devices for erectile dysfunction, they only touch the outer surface of the penis. Shockwave therapy works well without the need for intervention.

5. Suitable

Conducting ED Shockwave Therapy at home is extremely convenient. You don't need to make an appointment or go to any clinic to get effective treatment. It would be a hassle if you had to book therapy sessions every week.

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Performing ED Shockwave Therapy saves you a lot of time so you can live a normal life without much disruption.

Not only that, but when you have a portable shockwave therapy device for erectile dysfunction, it allows you to go anywhere while still getting your impotence treatment.

6. Privacy

Another great advantage of this type of therapy is that it provides privacy. You don't have to rely on anyone other than yourself to carry out the therapy. This allows for treatment without discomfort or invading a very private area.

It is ideal for men who are not comfortable letting another person do the shockwave therapy for them.

Is ED Shockwave Therapy Worth It?

The Shockwave ED Therapy is absolutely worth every penny you pay for a portable therapy device. As explained above, when you buy one of the Fluent EDX devices, you can keep it.

So whenever you need to resume therapy sessions, you'll have a machine ready to go. There are no additional costs after purchasing the device.

But if you were undergoing traditional therapy, you would pay more each time you needed more sessions.

In addition, you should not forget about all the above advantages. All the advantages of home therapy add value to the price you would pay for an EDX device.

Not only do you get a great price, but you also get privacy, convenience, and a drug-free treatment method. Definitely worth every penny.

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Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction at home

Have you ever thought that you would be able to reap the benefits of ED Shockwave Therapy from the comfort of your own home? This private therapy is a breakthrough.

At Fluent, we understand the importance of sexual intimacy, regardless of age. If you are interested in one of our EDX machines, please call us at 727-626-5702 orcontact our support teamonline if you have any questions.

We're here to simplify your ED therapy journey.


How much does ED shockwave cost? ›

A shockwave therapy regimen typically includes six separate treatments, but treatment protocols could change as more research becomes available. The out-of-pocket cost for each treatment is between $400 and $500.

How much does the Phoenix shockwave cost? ›

For a clinical treatment you need to take around 6 to 12 sessions and each session costs around $500 which makes the total treatment cost up to $3000 to $6000. On the other hand, the official price of Phoenix device is $879.

Which shockwave is best for ED? ›

Renova is the only device on the market generating low intensity shockwaves which is specifically designed for ED treatment. Unlike other shockwaves systems, Renova focuses the waves onto a linear segment conformal to the treated organ.

How many shockwave treatments do I need? ›

A single treatment usually takes between 15 to 20 minutes. Depending on the injury, a patient will usually receive three to five treatments over a period of several weeks.

How many sessions of shockwave therapy for ED? ›

The Dornier Aries-ED device will be used for the purpose of the study. LI-ESWT will be applied to the penile shaft 3 areas, and the 2 crura (two sites). Patients will receive two sessions of low intensity extracorporeal wave treatment (LI-ESWT) per week for 6 weeks (12 sessions totally).

How long does shockwave last for? ›

Shockwave treatment lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. During each session approximately 2500-3000 shocks will be administered to the injured tissue. During your shockwave session your physiotherapist will adjust the machine intensity to ensure the injured tissue receives the required energy/dosage.

How many times can you do shockwave? ›

Most patients require three sessions of shockwave therapy, each a week apart, before significant pain relief is noticed. Some conditions may require five treatments. Your specialist will be able to discuss your particular case and expectations with you.

Is shockwave therapy covered by Medicare? ›

Medicare Advantage plans do not cover shockwave therapy for ED. Traditional Medicare does not offer coverage for shockwave therapy for ED. Aetna Medicare does not cover shockwave therapy for ED. United Healthcare Medicare plans do not cover shockwave therapy for ED.

Is shockwave and GAINSWave the same thing? ›

Acoustic or GAINSWave® therapy doesn't have as much pressure, last as long, or penetrate the tissue as much as real shockwave. There is zero evidence for their efficacy and is basically like taking a toy hammer and hitting the penis. It does absolutely nothing.

What is the strongest ED treatment? ›

Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Longest lasting: It is the longest lasting PDE5 drug for ED, typically lasting up to 36 hours, though some reports suggest it can last up to 72 hours.
  • Longer-term use: It is possible to take a low dose of 2.5–5 mg once per day for a longer-term solution.

What are the 2 types of shockwave therapy? ›

Devices used for SWT include focused shockwave therapy (fSWT) or radial wave therapy (rWT), which differ in how the waves are generated, their tissue penetration, and the shape of their pressure waves.

Does shockwave therapy really cure ED? ›

Shockwave therapy is one of the many treatment options for erectile dysfunction (ED). Though it isn't approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the science behind this pill-free treatment has been supported by several studies that have turned up encouraging results.

What are the drawbacks of shockwave therapy? ›

Shockwave therapy is extremely safe. Minor side effects, such as mild swelling, bruising, or aches, may be experienced for a few days after the procedure, but major side effects are extremely rare.

Can you have too much shock wave therapy? ›

Complications do not normally happen with shockwave therapy. It is low risk but is not always successful. It can cause increased pain and sensitivity, which normally gets better with time. People who have poor sensation (neuropathy) or hypersensitivity at the proposed treatment site should not have ESWT.

How deep does shockwave penetrate? ›

- they deliver their maximum intensity to a 'superficial' area i.e low depth. This depth is usually around 3 - 4cm. Focused shock waves allow for 'adjustable' penetration depending on where needs to be treated and are ideal for treating deeper problem areas such as hamstring, pelvic or hip issues.

How much does erectile dysfunction treatment cost? ›

What is the cost of erectile dysfunction treatment in India? The cost of treating ED varies upon the kind of treatment one is seeking. It generally ranges from Rs 25,000 to 40,000 and even more in some cases.

How do I know if Shockwave is working? ›

The initial results for many patients is a numbing sensation in the area that was treated. Your initial results are typically a temporary response to the treatment, meaning your pain will be dulled but it will not be fixed for several more weeks. Your initial results will take the edge off the worst of your pain.

How quickly does Shockwave work? ›

The process takes about 15 minutes. Most patients feel results right away and need only two or three treatments over six to 12 weeks for complete healing and lasting symptom resolution. The beauty of ESWT is that if it is going to work, it likely will start working immediately after the first treatment.

Can shockwave therapy affect your heart? ›

Shockwave therapy enhances capillary density in the border zones of experimental myocardial infarction, resulting in decreased infarct size and hence, improved cardiac function (27).

What do you wear to shockwave therapy? ›

Plan what to wear – the treatment area needs to be exposed, so loose-fitting clothing or the option to wear shorts or vest, for example may be necessary. WHAT ARE THE RISKS OR SIDE EFFECTS? tendon rupture or damage to the soft tissues following shockwave treatment, but the potential benefit far outweighs any risk.

What happens if shockwave therapy doesn't work? ›

What if the shockwave therapy treatment doesn't work? Usually the initial response to shockwave therapy treatment is good however it may take a few months before maximum effect is achieved. If pain is still persistent then surgery may be an option.

What happens if you get hit by a shockwave? ›

Air-filled organs, including lungs, the GI tract and middle ear, are especially affected. The blast wave energy moves through the torso to the brain. This can potentially cause damage to tiny cerebral blood vessels, stretching and damaging neural cells in the brain.

Should I stretch after shockwave therapy? ›

You should be able to continue your usual activities following shockwave treatment. We would suggest avoiding any strenuous exercises or impact, such as running, for the first 48 hours. However, it is important to continue with the exercises given to you by the physiotherapist, such as stretching your plantar fascia.

Does pressure increase after a shockwave? ›

Across a shock wave, the static pressure, temperature, and gas density increases almost instantaneously.

Is a TENS machine the same as shockwave therapy? ›

The shockwaves also overstimulate nerves, which can reduce sensitivity and pain in chronic conditions. In this respect shockwave affects pain in a similar way to TENS, but TENS does not have the primary healing effect that shockwave provides.

Is shockwave covered by insurance? ›

Commercial insurance plans do not cover the cost of treatment with shockwave therapy for ED. No clinics that offer shockwave therapy for ED including those that offer Gainswave therapy branded shockwave therapy, CoreWave branded shockwave therapy and Rajavapulse, are covered by health insurance plans.

Are there different types of shockwave therapy? ›

There are three different mechanisms for generating high energy shock waves resulting in three different types of SWT device: Electromagnetic shockwave (Sonocur and Dornier Epos machines). Piezoelectric shockwave (Piezoson) * Electrohydraulic shockwave (I.E.

What are the three types of shockwave? ›

Different Types of Shockwaves:

Shockwaves are classically generated by three different types of energy sources: electrohydraulic, electromagnetic, or piezoelectric.

Is GAINSWave a cost? ›

GAINSWave® prices can vary from guy to guy. The average cost of GAINSWave® is about $500 per session.

What is better than GAINSWave? ›

POTENTwave™ for Men for Restoring Male Sexual Potency

POTENTwave™ is our proprietary alternative to the GAINSWave® procedure.

Is shockwave therapy permanent for erectile dysfunction? ›

Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction is not necessarily a lifelong treatment. Often, one course of treatment over a period of three months provides a long-term improvement in erectile function without the need for continuous treatment.

Is shockwave therapy for ED legit? ›

Since then, there have been numerous data and publications on numerous devices that use real shockwave therapy. These findings have shown to improve erectile function significantly, having excellent outcomes in selected patients.

How deep does shockwave therapy go? ›

- they deliver their maximum intensity to a 'superficial' area i.e low depth. This depth is usually around 3 - 4cm. Focused shock waves allow for 'adjustable' penetration depending on where needs to be treated and are ideal for treating deeper problem areas such as hamstring, pelvic or hip issues.

What is the best way to cure ED permanently? ›

Penile implant. A penile implant involves a 30- to 45-minute surgical procedure that places a water-based device into the erection chambers of the penis, which enables you to reliably control exactly when and how long an erection lasts. Dr. Starke says this is the closest option to a cure that exists for ED.

Does shockwave therapy increase girth? ›

As far as penile girth enhancement is concerned, Shockwave therapy theoretically increases blood flow to the penis shaft–it doesn't actually add girth.

Can shock wave therapy cause damage? ›

ESWT can cause redness and superficial haematomata on the skin, due to the pain during ESWT. The patient might develop a vago-vasal reaction and become dizzy, and deeper injuries of the skin are not unknown.

What is the P shot? ›

The P-Shot is a regenerative therapy that uses growth factors in your blood to stimulate the healing process in your penis. It is a noninvasive procedure that does not require surgery, and patients can return to regular activities, including intercourse, within the same day as their treatment session.

Is shock wave therapy FDA approved? ›

One of the concerns about shockwave therapy is cost. Shockwave therapy is still a procedure that is not FDA-approved. Some of the benefits of shockwave therapy, such as improvement of blood flow and improvement of connective tissue damage are FDA-approved indications.

Can you use a TENS unit for erectile dysfunction? ›

After six weeks, researchers found that electrical stimulation from a TENS unit on penises was more effective in managing ED than exercise.

How often should you do shockwave? ›

What to Expect a Typical Shockwave Treatment? One treatment usually takes 10-15 minutes to administer depending on the disorder that is being treated. Generally, 3-5 treatment session is necessary, with one treatment being done every 5-10 days.


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