Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (2023)

Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard User Manual
Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (1)

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10 Firmware update

11Dart Rating System - MPR and PPD


13 spare parts


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Unpack your new dartboard carefully, making sure all parts are included. The following components are included in this set:

  • 1 electronic target
  • 6 darts (disassembled)
  • Soft Tip Replacement Pack
  • AC adapter
  • owner's manual
  • Memory card (inside the target)


Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (2)

Choose a location to hang the target where there is about 10 feet of open space in front of the target. The “toe line” must be 7'91/4” (2.37 m) from the face of the dartboard for steel tipped paddles or 8 feet for soft tipped paddles. You will need to mount the board near a power outlet if your dart board requires an AC adapter. Locate a wall stud and place a mark 76.75” from the floor. Insert a screw into the center of the wall stud at this height and thread the target through this screw.
If not mounting to studs, be sure to use drywall anchors or other fastening hardware appropriate for the wall you are using. If you want to mount the target even more securely to the wall, you can insert four screws (not included) through the holes located in the catch ring area (the area outside the scoring segments). This will further secure the board to the wall. The center of the bullseye should be 5'8" from the ground. Plug the AC adapter into the wall outlet and into the bullseye's push button connector and you're ready to play.


start button– This multifunction button is used to:
START: the game when all options have been selected.
SWITCH: to the next player when a player ends their turn.
This will put the dart in a HOLD state between rounds to allow the player to remove the darts from the target area.
DIRECTION buttons– Press to move the cursor:
up button- go up; Cancel a dart throw during one turn;
left button-Go left;
Right button-Go to the right;

"back buttonPress to go back; Long press for 3 seconds to turn off the software;
POWER SWITCH-Press to turn off the power;


  1. Plug in the adapter to activate the dartboard.
  2. Press the UP and DOWN buttons to navigate between GAMES, RACE GAMES, PLAYER INFO, OPTIONS and RANKINGS and press the HOME button to choose the operation.
  3. Choose GAMES if you want a quick game. You cannot choose characters and the score will not be recorded in the player's history. Press UP and DOWN buttons to select games and press HOME button to confirm. Choose game variations and press the START button to go to the next step. Press the UP and DOWN buttons to select the number of players and press the HOME button to confirm. Start of the game ~
  4. Choose GHAMES CAREER if you want the game score to be recorded in the player history. Press the UP and DOWN buttons to navigate between 01 Games, Cricket and Count Up and press the HOME button to choose the desired game. Choose game variations and press the START button to go to the next step. Press the UP and DOWN buttons to select the number of players and press the HOME button to confirm. The next step is to choose/configure the characters.
  5. To set up a character, choose New Role and press the START button. Enter the desired name by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons to choose the letters of the alphabet. The limit is 6 letters. Press the LEFT button if you want to cancel an entry. Press the HOME button to choose your avatar character.
  6. Choose player 1 and player 2 characters and press the START button to enter the game. Start of the game ~
  7. At any time, if you want to go back to the menu or to the last step, press the BACK button
  8. You can view the character's score history in Player Information. Choose PLAYER INFO, choose character and game, you will see the story in 30 rounds.
  9. You can set custom target settings in Options in the menu. Press the DIRECTION buttons to select and press the HOME button to confirm.
    • SHINE:Adjust screen brightness
    • VOLUME:Adjust the volume of the dartboard sound
    • I-PARTY:Adjust the difficulty level of a computer rival
    • TEACHING:Set 50/50 or 25/50 bullseye for outside/inside bullseye; default setting is 50/50
    • CRICKET SCREEN:Adjust cricket display style
    • ROUNDS:Set the game round number; the limit is 30 rounds per game
    • TIME CHANGE:Adjust the AUTO switch time between player turns; choose NONE if you want to change by manually pressing the button.
    • SHADE COLOUR:choose background color
  10. playing darts
    • The dart gauge screen is represented by dart icons. The number of darts displayed indicates the remaining shots for the active player.
    • When all 3 darts are fired, a flashing button will remind you to switch players. If you set the CHANGE TIME option, the player will automatically change at the set time. Remove the dart before pressing START to switch players. If there is an inadvertent score, press the UP button to cancel the score.


This exciting feature allows the player to play against the computer at one of five different skill levels – only 1 player can compete against the iMATCH competitor. This adds a level of competition to the normally routine practice sessions.

iMATCH levels:

Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (3)

  • Professional C5
  • C4 Advanced
  • C3 intermediate
  • Beginner C2
  • Beginner C1


  1. Proper Posture: Align your hand, elbow, shoulder, hip, and foot. If you play right-handed, turn your right side to face the board. Put your weight on your right foot forward, lean forward slightly and balance on your left foot. Reverse this stance for a left-handed throw.
  2. Throwing Movement: Throw the javelin from the elbow out. Keep your body steady and use only your hand, wrist, and forearm. Reach your forearm slightly back and throw the dart in a fluid motion toward the board. Follow the pitch by pointing your index finger to the area you are targeting.


Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (4)

  1. Each person should have a set of 3 darts (darts not included). Each person throws 3 darts and removes them before the next person throws them.
  2. If a dart bounces, it cannot be thrown again. Dart scores are counted only when the dart hits the board.


This electronic dartboard may have a transparent film over the entire viewing area to prevent scratches during transportation. It is recommended to remove this film before playback to increase the visibility of the viewing area. To remove, simply lift edge, peel, and discard.


01 GAMES:1~8 players or 1-4 teams
This popular tournament and pub game is played by subtracting each dart from the starting number (301) until the player reaches exactly 0 (zero). If a player goes above zero, it is considered a "pass" and the score returns to where it was at the start of that round. For example, if a player needs 32 to finish the game and hits 20, 8, and 10 (for a total of 38), the score returns to 32 for the next round. You can set the starting number from 301, 501, 701, 901, 1101, 1301, 1501.
open at:You can write down any point value to start with.
abra:You can get to "0" by scoring any point value.
Double entry:You must score at a double point value to start.
Double output:You must achieve "0" by scoring on a double point value.
master output:You must achieve "0" by scoring on a double or triple point value.

When the game is over, the screen will display the winner's name and PPD. (Scores per dart) Press the START button to see the ranking.

GRILLO:1~8 players or 1-4 teams
Cricket is a strategic game for talented players and beginners alike. Players play for the numbers that suit them best and can force opponents to play for the numbers that do not suit them. The objective of Cricket is to "close" all the appropriate numbers before the opponent while collecting the most points. Only the numbers 15-20 and the inside/outside target are used. Each player must hit a number 3 times to "open" that segment for scoring. A player then receives the number of points from the "open" segment each time he throws a dart that lands in that segment, as long as his opponent has not closed that segment. Hitting the double bell counts as two hits and the triple hit counts as 3 hits

The numbers can be opened or closed in any order. A number is "closed" when the other players hit the open segment 3 times. Once a number has been "closed" no player may score on it for the remainder of the game. Winner: The side that closes all the numbers first and accumulates the highest point total is the winner. If a player "closes" all the numbers first, but is behind in points, he must continue to score on the "open" numbers. If the player does not make up the point deficit before the opposing players "close" all the numbers, the opposing side wins. The game continues until all segments are closed - the winner is the player with the highest score.

NON-SCORING CRICKET:Same rules as standard cricket, except there is no scoring. The goal of this version is to be the first to simply "close" all the appropriate numbers (15 to 20 and the target).

SHORT THROAT CRICKET:Same basic rules as standard cricket, except that when scoring begins, the points are added to your opponent(s) total. The object of this game is to finish with the least amount of points. This Cricket variation offers players a different psychology. Instead of increasing your own score and helping your own cause as in standard Cricket, Cut Throat offers the advantage of racking up points for your opponent(s) by sticking them into a deeper hole. Competitive players will love this variation!

SCORE:1~8 players or 1-4 teams
The object of this game is to score the highest point in 8 rounds. Doubles and triples count 2 or 3 times the numerical value of each segment. The player with the highest score is the winner.

SCORE200, 400, 600, 800, 1000: The object of this game is to be the first player to reach the specified total points.

CRICKET COUNT:The player can only use numbers 15-20 and inside/outside target to get a high score.

ABOUT:1~8 players or 1-4 teams
The object of this game is simply to score higher ("top") or equal to your previous total score of three darts. When a player fails to score "more" than his previous total of three darts, he will lose a "life". The number next to the player indicates the remaining 'lives'. The last player with a "life" remaining is the winner.

SOB:This game is the opposite of "Overs". Players must score less ("Under") or equal to the total of the previous three darts to avoid losing a 'life'.

BIG SIX:The simple 6 is the first objective to be reached at the beginning of the game. Within the three throws, player 1 must hit a 6 to “save” his life. After hitting the current target, the next dart thrown will determine the opponent's target. If player 1 misses the current target by 3 darts, he will lose a 'life' and the chance to determine the next target for player 2. In this case, player 2 shoots all 6, and if he hits, he can throw a segment to the next round. Singles, doubles, and triples are separate goals for this game. The object of the game is to force your opponent to lose 'lives' by selecting hard-to-reach targets for your opponent, such as "Double Bulls eye" or "triple 20". The last player with a "life" remaining is the winner.

FOREVER:1~8 players or 1-4 teams
Each player tries to score on each number from 1 to 20 in order. If a correct number is matched, he will try the next number in sequence. The screen will indicate which segment you are filming for. The first player to reach 20 is the winner.

HIT-OUT:In each round, the computer selects a goal for the player to achieve. The player must try to hit the target within 10 seconds to score a point. Double and triple segments are considered single segments in this game. The first player to score 15 points is the winner.

CARRY OFF:In 21 rounds, each player must advance on the board from 1 to 20 and on the fly in order. Players start at number 1 and throw 3 darts. The goal is to score as many points as possible in each round of 3 darts. Doubles and triples count towards your score. The player with the highest score after completing 21 rounds is the winner.

A MEDIUM:Each player starts the game with 20 points. The goal is to score the most hits in the active segment of the current round. In the first round, the player must roll for segment 15. If no 15 is hit, the player's score is halved. If any 15 is correct, each 15 (double and triple count) is added to the initial total. In the next round, players roll for segment 16 and the hits are added to the new accumulated point total. Again, if no hits are recorded, the point total is halved. Each player rolls the numbers listed in the table below in order (the screen will indicate the active segment to roll on). The player who completes the game with the most points is the winner.
Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (5)

EXERCISE:1 player only
This is a practice game for 1 player only. The game will end in 30 rounds.


  1. Never use metal tipped darts on this target. Metal tipped darts will severely damage the circuitry and electronic operation of this target.
  2. Do not use excessive force when throwing darts. Throwing darts with too much force will cause frequent tip breakage and excessive wear on the target.
  3. Spin the darts clockwise as you remove them from the board. This makes it easier to remove the darts and extends the life of the tips.
  4. Unplug the adapter when not in use. This will prolong the life of your target.
  5. Clean your dartboard with a dry cloth. Do not spill liquid on the target. Do not use spray cleaners or cleaners that contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals, as these can cause permanent damage and are not covered under warranty.
  6. Mount the lens securely. Falling from a height will damage the screen.


  1. Stuck Segment: Occasionally a dart will cause a segment to become trapped within the segment separator net. To free the segment, simply remove the dart or broken end of the segment. If the problem is still not resolved, try wiggling the thread until it comes loose. The game will resume where it left off.
  2. Broken Ends: Every once in a while, a end will break and get stuck in the thread. Try to remove it with pliers or tweezers by grasping the exposed end and pulling it out of the thread. If that's not possible, you can try pushing the tip all the way to the back of the segment. Use a nail smaller than the hole and gently push the point until it falls out the other side. Be careful not to push too hard and damage the circuitry behind the segment. Don't be alarmed if the tips break. This is normal when playing soft tip darts. We've included a pack of replacement tips that will keep you supplied for quite some time. When replacing tips, be sure to use the same type of tip that came with this lens.

Firmware update

Download the new🇧🇷 Unzip the file to a location you can access later.
The SD card is located at the bottom of the lens next to the DC jack. Gently press SD to eject the SD card.
Install the SD card in an SD card reader and connect it to the computer.
Open the SD card and delete the file on it.
Copy the new software file to the SD card. When the copy is complete, safely remove the SD card from the card reader.
Re-install the SD card in the dartboard. The side with the pin should face the same direction as the target's face. If the SD card is in the wrong direction, it cannot be installed on the dartboard.

Dart Classification System – MPR and PPD

There are 3 racing games for you to choose to play where statistics can be recorded. They are Cricket, 01 and Count Up and you can create player profiles and you can track your ongoing performance in the game. Dartboard can track your win-loss record and determine how good you are as a cricketer compared to how well you play in 01 games and counting. For cricket matches, player rankings will be determined by MPR (marks per round)

In cricket, the MPR is calculated by dividing the total number of "marks" scored by the actual number of darts thrown and then multiplying by 3.
A "MARK" is defined as a "scoring" dart in the game of cricket. An example of "5 points" would be a triple 15 and a double 16 scored.
Cumulative average points per round will be the criteria for grading your skill level as a cricketer.
For the “01” and Count up games, players will be ranked by measuring their PPD (points per dart). The PPD is determined by dividing the total points by the actual number of darts thrown. The player who "wins" the game uses the total points needed to win (ie 301,501 etc.) and the losers are calculated based on what they scored.

Dartboard will automatically calculate your MPR and PPD in CAREER GAMES mode and maintain a running average.

scoring history

To view the player's history and cumulative score statistics, go to the PLAYER INFO option in the dartboard menu and select the player's name and the game you wish to view history for. The total will be summarized at the bottom of the screen.

Classification system chart

The leaderboard system shows you how you stack up against a cricketer and "01" player. The leaderboard is included in the instruction manual and can also be viewed on the board by accessing RANKING in the board menu. A rank of 1 is the lowest skill level, with 18 being the highest. The PPD and MPR averages needed to maintain all skill levels are listed.



PPD (point by dart)


MPR (Mark per Round)






















20,00 ~ 21,66




















































Replacement parts




AC adapter (USB connector)


$ 12,95

6 replacement soft tip darts


$ 12,95

7" Replacement Screen Protector


$ 12,95

Control Panel

Dolor PD100

$ 12,95


All Triumph Sports USA, Inc. (TSU) carry a 90-day limited warranty from the date of purchase. This warrants to the retail purchaser that any TSU kit purchased will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from the date of purchase. The only exceptions to the warranty include mainframes, tabletops, gaming surfaces, batteries, or tools. Damaged main boards, table tops and playing surfaces must be returned to the store as we are unable to replace these parts. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear on the game, wear and tear or damage due to misuse of the TSU game. Doing so will void any and all TSU warranties.

A PURCHASE RECEIPT (or other proof of purchase date) will be required before any warranty service can begin. All warranty service requests can be submitted by email, in writing, or by contacting our Customer Service Department at: 1-866-815-4173 or email us at[email protected].
IMPORTANT NEWS! Please contact us before returning the product to the store.

Triumph Sports USA, Inc. 90-day limited warranty.

If you have a problem with your new product,
Contact Triumph Sports USA at 1-866-815-4173,
or send us an email at[email protected]
for any technical support or warranty issues.

Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (6)WARNING: SuffocationDanger: the toy contains small balls and/or small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (7)NOTICE: thisIt is not a children's toy. Adult supervision is required for children playing darts. Proper use of darts can prevent damage or injury.

Be sure to check out all the exciting games it has to offer.
Visit our website at:
Triumph Sports Electronic Dartboard Owner's Manual - Manuals+ (8)

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West Allis, WI 53227
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