The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (2023)

overall better

Palladium Pampa Sportstiefel

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (1)

Why we love it:Es A cool, lightweight boot with enough sole for a few hikes.

Things to note:They're not warm enough for winter and not very breathable, but that often comes with being waterproof.

The best overall boots should be more versatile, and these Palladiums are just that. From the company that began making boots for the French Army in 1947, this take on the classic Pampas is made from a blend of waterproof oiled nubuck leather and ballistic nylon to make them light and really hold water (traditional leather boots are only waterproof). They use polyurethane for the collar and are lined with fleece to keep your foot warm, although I wouldn't trust them too muchvery cold winters. They also look great and come in seven different color combinations.

But what is really great about these boots compared to many others on the market is the sturdy rubber sole and toe cap that are durable enough for various terrains and can even be used for walking. They are a great touring boot for a variety of excursions.

Price at time of publication: $140

Sizes:10-12, 13 and 14 ‎|Weight pro Pair:2 pounds

Best Quote

Merrell Moab 2 Mid waterproof men's hiking shoe


The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (2)

Why we love it:Es Ideal for hikes and difficult terrain.

Things to note:Not the prettiest boot for around town or work.

If you've hit a trail or two, you've probably seen this classic boot. Merrell's Moab 2 (MOAB stands for "Mother of All Boots") has been around for decades, but it's still the best boot bang for your buck. Mesh and pigskin keep water and dirt out while remaining breathable, and the mid-cut upper offers ankle support without being bulky. The Vibram sole is comfortable and just right for rough terrain or slippery roads, and these boots come in 15 different styles so you can get a colorway to complement your taste.

Price at time of publication: $145

Sizes:7–13, 14 and 15, also in width |Weight pro Pair:2.4 pounds

better ecological

Nativa Fitzsimmons Citylite Bloom

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (3)

Why we love it:It is about one Urban boots against the norm with a good sole to withstand snowstorms.

Things to note:It's waterproof instead of waterproof.

The maker of arguably the most whimsical boot on this list, Native isn't afraid to re-imagine what we think of when we think of shoes. As with his iconic Croc-esque sneakers, theJefferson-Blume, these boots are made with algae from lakes and freshwater ecosystems, which is healthier for the environment than oil-based EVA plastic or animal leather.

However, algae have their disadvantages. Classified as waterproof rather than fully waterproof, these boots are not as malleable as other materials. But overall, these are attractive boots for walking wet city streets and a fashion statement, to say the least.

Price at time of publication: $100

Sizes: Full sizes 3-13 |Weight pro Pair:2 pounds

big chucker

Cole Haan 4. Zerogrand Chukka

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (4)

Why we love it:they are stylish boots that are really comfortable.

Things to note:You are on the expensive side.

Cole Haan has done something extraordinary in the dress shoe market: made them truly wearable. Like a mullet, this chukka boot is business up, party down with comfortable soles that let you hop around the office while your co-workers need a foot massage after the day. Jokes aside, these boots are waterproof, reasonably warm, and most importantly, comfortable, making them a great choice for any worker's wardrobe.

Price at time of publication: $238

Sizes:7-12 and 13|Weight pro Pair:2.54 pounds

best leather

Red Wing Heritage 6" Iron Ranger Boot with Tongue

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (5)

Why we love it:It's a true classic that (eventually) molds to your foot.

Things to note:You need to an investment of money and time to tame them.

Don't mess with a big deal. That's the thinking behind these timeless boots from Red Wing, originally designed for Minnesota iron miners in the 1930's. These are quality boots made with premium water resistant leather and extra stitching to ensure they last for years. . The midsole is made of cork, which molds to your foot, and the outsole is made of Vibram, so they don't break down like other boots.

Over time, these shoes will fit you like a leather glove, but it may take time. You can use leather oil to speed up the breaking-in process.

Price at time of publication: $360

Sizes:‎ 7-12 and 13 |Weight pro Pair:4 pounds

best formal

Thursday Boots Co. Men's wingtip boots

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (6)

Why we love it:They are nice ankle boots at a reasonable price.

Things to note:you are tight

Can I call boots sexy? I'll just do it: these boots are hot. They even come with a warning: "If you wear these boots in public, expect wandering eyes and people asking where you bought them." Constructed from quality leather, a cork midsole that conforms to your foot, and an adjustable rubber outsole with studs, these boots are high quality yet affordable.

If these are too flashy, the other Thursday Boots styles, including their flagshipcaptain, it's worth taking a look.

Price at time of publication:$235

Sizes:6-14, 15 and 16 |Weight pro Pair:5.5 pounds

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best work boot

Timberland Pit Boss Steel Toe Cap

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (7)

Why we love it:It is a sturdy steel toe boot that will keep your feet dry.

Things to note:Necessary considerable turning time.

These waterproof Timberland boots are rugged, just like work boots should be. Crafted from thick, water-resistant nubuck leather with a steel toe cap, these boots protect your precious feet. Also, they have comfortable midsoles and abrasion-resistant outsoles protect against electrical hazards and won't slip if you walk in oil. They are available in three versatile colors: Cinnamon Wheat, Black and Brown.

Price at time of publication: $128

Sizes: 7-12, 13, 14 and 15, also in width |Weight pro Pair:3.6 pounds

best chelsea

Men's Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boots

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (8)

Why we love it:These are durable shoes suitable for winter hiking.

Things to note:Their Thinsulate lining may make them too warm for some seasons.

Dataa tasmaniain 1870, Blundstones are among the most battle-hardened boots in existence. Those who own them aren't silent about how durable and long-lasting they are, and you don't have to walk a full mile in thermals to understand why. These boots are truly waterproof (compared to the classic BL550 which is only waterproof), with waterproof stretch leather and latex stitching. They are also lined with Thinsulate, making them a great option for winter.

Price at time of publication: $240

Sizes:7-12, 13 and 14 |Weight pro Pair:1.75 pounds

best duck boot

L.L.Bean 8" Gore-Tex/Thinsulate Men's Bean Boots

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (9)

Why we love it:These are a Classic for rainy weather with additional insulation.

Things to note:They have a reputation for not being comfortable for everyone.

These Maine-made duck boots are probably what you think of when you think of waterproof boots. Originally manufactured in 1911 as Maine Hunting Shoes, these L.L. Bean is an update of the brand's classic version with added Gore-Tex and Thinsulate to keep you dry and warm in cold weather. The 8 inch shank height is great for staying dry in puddles without being too awkward and you just know from this company's reputation that they will last for years.

Price at time of publication: $209

Sizes: Full sizes 7-15 |Weight pro Pair:2.75 pounds

The best for fishing

Men's Xtratuf Legacy Boots

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (10)

Why we love it:They are fully waterproof and high quality rain boots.

Things to note:You are not easy.

You'll want to bring these with you on your next onefishing trip. Designed for Alaskan weather, these 15-inch rain boots are definitely not water-permeable. As the name suggests, Xtratuf Legacy Rubber Boots are tough and resistant to chemical acids. The sole is also comfortable, with a breathable insole and a non-slip outsole.

Too large? Just fold them down to find your perfect height.

Price at time of publication: $160

Sizes:‎ Full sizes 6-14 |Weight pro Pair:6.5 pounds

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best for hiking

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Bergschuhe


The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (11)

Why we love it:They have all the features you need in a quality waterproof hiking shoe.

Things to note:you are tight

These rare, breathable and fully waterproof Salomon boots are ideal for all hikers in wet weather and perfect for trekking. The synthetic mesh upper is made from Gore-Tex, so you know there's no rain getting in there. And the outsole is heavily nubbed for optimal grip on uneven terrain. All this with a low weight at the same time.

Price at time of publication: $165

Sizes: 7-13, including width |Weight pro Pair:2.3 pounds

best chamois

Columbia men's Newton Ridge Plus II waterproof suede boots

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (12)

Why we love it:They're affordable and welcoming.

Things to note:They clearly look like hiking boots so may not be suitable for city life.

These hiking shoes are made from fully waterproof suede, so they keep out the rain and offer plenty of cushioning. The outsole is designed for high shock and energy absorption and they have a great sole for rough terrain. Metal loops keep the eye-catching laces in place.

Available in a dozen colors in a variety of sizes and at a reasonable price, these are boots that anyone can trust.

Price at time of publication: $100

Sizes: 7-17, also wide |Weight pro Pair:2.6 pounds

the best wool

Men's Wool Allbirds Mizzles Runner Up

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (13)

Why we love it:they are comfortable, elegant and warm.

Things to note:They are not absolutely waterproof.

Known for their super comfortable and stylish wool sneakers, Allbirds continue to develop new and improved styles for every occasion. The runner-up Mizzles retain Allbirds' signature ZQ merino wool and castor oil upper, which is said to be better for the environment than other materials, and add a higher collar and water-repellent coating.

They may be Allbirds' thickest and heaviest shoes, but they're still lighter than most and will keep your feet warm. However, they are not recommended if you plan on getting completely soaked frequently.

Price at time of publication: $145

Sizes:Full sizes 8-14 |Weight pro Pair:1.25 pounds

Large slip on

Hunter Refined Men's Chelsea Boots

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (14)

Why we love it:they are Waterproof boots that look stylish enough to wear to work.

Things to note:They are intended exclusively for urban environments.

Another Chelsea boot for traditionalists, these stylish mid-19th-century brand boots are made from vulcanized natural rubber with a matte finish and a grippy rubber sole. The stretchy sides make them easy to put on and go, and they're easy to clean. They are available in black, navy blue and grey.

Price at time of publication: $155

Sizes:6.5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 |Weight pro Pair:2.2 pounds

The best for the winter

Sorel Caribou waterproof boots for men

The best men's waterproof boots for all occasions (15)

Why we love it:They are the best way to keep your feet warm during harsh winters.

Things to note:It is better to reserve them for very snowy or cold days.

Walk through cities with treacherous and snowy winters (seeMontreal), and you'll see sorels on almost every foot. This is because they are the toughest waterproof snow boots that will keep you dry and most importantly warm. Its foot is protected with thick rubber and the shaft can be made of waterproof nubuck leather or canvas. Inside there's felt and a soft sherpa lining to keep you warm and protect you from snow. Finally the sole has a lot of grip for icy days.

Price at time of publication: $199

Sizes:7-12, 13, 14, 15, 16 |Weight pro Pair:4 pounds

Tips for buying waterproof boots

Balance between comfort and style

Do you want a boot for work or one to wear for walking? In most cases, you can't have both, so give some thought to how you'll wear your new boots and maybe buy multiple pairs for different scenarios.

Choose the correct manhole height for your purpose

If you know there are a lot of puddles where you live, you want a higher cutting edge. That being said, if you only use them around town, you probably don't need anything larger than 6 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between waterproof and waterproof?

    Only waterproof material will keep you dry in full submersion. Leather, for example, is naturally waterproof, but if you stand in a puddle or get caught in a downpour, your socks will get wet. Rubber is the best choice to be fully waterproof. Next up would be Gore-Tex. Different materials have different levels of waterproofing, so it's best to always read the fine print before stepping off your boots in heavy rain.

  • How do I care for waterproof boots?

    Clean with lukewarm water and use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt. Leather boots need to be rubbed with waterproofing wax to keep them waterproof and still looking tip-top after a few months.

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