The 13 Best Toilet Paper Brands (Quality Matters) (2023)

The 13 Best Toilet Paper Brands (Quality Matters) (1)

Bathroompaper is essential. When it works, it really works. When it doesn't work, well then you have an unfortunate situation on your hands. You just can't do withoutgood toilet paper. Curious about the best toilet paper brands? Are you wanting to change your own toilet paper? Then take a look at the list below. You have countless options when it comes to toilet paper, so you're sure to find the product that works best for you and your family.

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Amazon Brand – Presto!

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You've got to love a toilet paper brand with an exclamation point in its name. Or maybe you don't like exclamation marks before your coffee. Anyway, you have to admit, Amazon makes pretty good toilet paper. Amazon has come a long way from the book-only delivery days. These days, you can also ship your basic necessities from Amazon. It's simple, practical and doesn't require you to leave the house.

Amazon Presto! Toilet paper comes in many options. From ultra-soft to ultra-strong, Presto! Toilet paper has everything you need. This toilet paper is thicker than many other brands and is designed for less lint. As it comes in the mega roll option, you won't need to order more for a long time.

soft angel

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Do you want options?soft angelYou Have Choices This California toilet paper company has a wide range of toilet paper products. From full-size rolls to mega rolls, Angel Soft Toilet Paper is on a mission to meet your family's bathroom needs. You can even get toilet paper with a scented tube. Do you want your bathroom to smell like linen orlavender? Now you can

As you might have guessed, Angel Soft toilet paper is known for being, well, soft. However, he is also stronger than many people realize. It was designed to balance smoothness and strength; so if you're one of those people who needs both, Angel Soft has you covered. Also, this toilet paper is cheap compared to many other brands; so if you're on a tight budget, switching to Angel Soft can help you save. You can buy Angel Soft online or at your usual supermarket.

soft aquamarine

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not to be confused withAquaSoftcontact lenses (that would be an embarrassing misunderstanding), Aqua Soft is a line of toilet paper for RVs and campers. If you own an RV, you know that RV septic systems can't handle regular toilet paper. Ordinary toilet paper clogs trailer bathrooms. Aqua Soft avoids this problem.

Aqua Soft toilet paperit dissolvesfast. It's completely biodegradable, so it's safe for your trailer's septic system. Plus, it's about as soft as you can get for a RV-friendly toilet paper. You probably won't find Aqua Soft in your regular grocery store unless your community has a lot of RV enthusiasts. However, you can find Aqua Soft online or at specialty camping stores.


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AriaPremium Toilet Paper is the perfect choice for anyone who cares deeply about the environment. Aria Company has a full line of paper products, from toilet paper to paper towels. This company focuses on sustainability and giving back. For every tree Aria uses to create her paper products, Aria plants three more.trees. Even the packaging is more sustainable than other toilet paper packaging. If you want to do something good for the environment, order Aria toilet paper online. All orders come with free shipping.

Now, what about the quality of the toilet paper? This paper is thick, strong and of high quality. In fact, it's thicker than many other sustainable brands. It also comes in a mega size, so it'll be a while before you need to order your next round.


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charmIt's such a classic, it would be hard to find someone who hasn't used Charmin at one time or another. Remember that family of cartoon bears who are weirdly obsessed with each other's bathroom habits? These are the Charmin bears. These bears have a lot of options when it comes to toilet paper. After all, Charmin comes in soft options, strong options, mega roll options and more. they even havewashableWet wipes. Charmin is also available at just about any grocery store. Basically, Charmin has all your toilet paper needs covered.

Charmin toilet paper is of high quality. Whether you opt for the soft or hard option, you'll get high.absorbentand well made toilet paper. since it's like thatabsorbent, you won't have to use much, so you'll get your money's worth. If you're a fan of toilet paper, you know that Charmin leaves no residue.


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Remember the toilet paper commercial that involved a British lady asking people about their "butts"? That would be the job ofCotton. Cottonelle is responsible for much of the innovation in toilet paper. You wouldn't think there would be many ways to innovate with toilet paper, but you'd be wrong.Cottoncreated multiple textures for a clean and comfortable bathing experience.

What kind of textures can you getCotton? Well, it has the wavy texture, for example. If you really need to get the job done, there's awashabledelete option. WithCotton, you get a range of options from strong to ultra-soft. Whatever your need for toilet paper,CottonYou have the option to meet these needs. MeetCottonproducts online or at your grocery store.

Great value (Walmart)

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great valuetoilet paper was designed to be, well, a great value. In other words, you get a lot for your money. It's a great value, but not "cheap" quality. Like Walmart's own line of toilet paper, it comes in many options. Whether you want soft, strong, or a combination of both, this toilet paper has you covered. It also comes in a variety of sizes, so whether you live alone or with a large family, you don't have to worry about running out of them. Find great value toilet paper at your local Walmart or online.

This toilet paper is known for its durability and reliability. It's pretty no-nonsense, but it does the job. It's also designed not to clog, which is great for your septic system. It also provides the absorbency your bathroom needs.

Firma de Kirkland (Costco)

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Does your family shop at Costco? If so, you already know all about buying wholesale. If you have a large family and are a Costco member, you can't go wrong.Firma de Kirklandtoilet paper. This simple toilet paper was designed to meet your family's needs without adding anything you don't need. You can get your own huge pack of toilet paper at Costco, or you can order it online.

Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper is an economical option. It offers everything a toilet paper should have, such as strength and comfort. Since you can buy it in bulk, it is also cost-effective. That's why so many large families trust the Kirkland Signature brand.

Quilting do Norte

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Here's another classic toilet paper brand. This brand is a staple in many American homes. Quilted Northern has all kinds of options to satisfy every toilet paper user you know. Kind? Strong? Ultra luxury? Environmentally friendly? Yes, Quilted Northern has these options. Their rolls also come in various sizes; so if you run out of toilet paper quickly (we're not judging), Quilted Northern has some great options for you. This brand is available at most grocery stores, but you can also buy it online if you don't want to leave your house.

Did you know that Quilted Northern was the first brand to put toilet paper on a roll? We're not sure how people stored toilet paper before this, but apparently someone had to do it first, and that someone was Quilted Northern. Since then, Quilted Northern has created all kinds of innovations in toilet paper, resulting in softness, strength and value for money. Northern padding creates a comfortable bathing experience.


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Here's a simple and handy toilet paper that does the job. MeetScotttoilet paper, everyone. Scott has a variety of toilet paper products includingwashableWipes In fact, Scott also has a great line of paper towels. When it comes to toilet paper, Scott has options. You can choose from a wide variety of textures and sizes. You can even buy toilet paper without the roll to minimize waste. Find the Scott brand at your grocery store or online.

Scott is a popular brand of toilet paper, and it's easy to see why. Its confortable,absorbent, and covers your bathroom needs. This toilet paper is known for its thickness, which means it's extraabsorbent. For a combination of softness, strength and cleanliness, many people prefer Scott.

seventh generation

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seventh generationis a line of natural products designed for families. This brand takes into account the environment and the people who use its products. Their goal is to avoid waste, stay sustainable and use ingredients that help the people who use them. You won't find anything artificial in these products and it goes for your toilet paper as well. Your toilet paper is 100% recycled material, so you can feel good about using it. It also whitens without chlorine bleach, so you can feel good about using it for an entirely different reason. You can find these products in supermarkets and pharmacies.

The Seventh Generation is good for people and good for the environment, but what about the quality of its products? Well, their toilet paper consistently gets 4-star ratings. This toilet paper is soft, so those who prefer a little delicacy tend to like this product.

up and up

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What's new? This toilet paper.up and upis Target's product line. They sell all kinds of household essentials, from cleaning products to food products. However, what about your toilet paper? Well, it's simple, straightforward and does the job. It comes in many options and sizes. Basically, it gives you everything you need without expensive extras. You can find it at your local Target or you can order it through Target's website.

Up and Up Toilet Paper is soft and comfortable, yet safe for your septic system. He also has the strength andabsorptionthat you and your family need. Since it comes from Target's line of products, it's also cost-effective. For many families, this brand of toilet paper is the best choice.

Who cares?

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Are we including this tag because the name amuses us? Yes. Does this brand have a lot to offer? Also if. So let's talk aboutwho carestoilet paper. Firstly, it is made without trees. Instead of trees, it's made with eco-friendly bamboo. Secondly, 50% of the profits go towards building toilets around the world. Around 40% of the world does not have access to a toilet, but this brand aims to change that. You can get this toilet paper through the website. You can make a one-time purchase to try it out, or you can sign up and get your regular toilet paper.

Now, beyond the fun name and global impact, what else does Who Gives a Crap have to offer? Very soft toilet paper as a result. Who knew bamboo could create a luxurious toilet paper experience? This toilet paper has 3 layers, so it's also superabsorbent. Basically, you get eco-friendly toilet paper without all the scratches. Everyone wins.

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