Soft summer color palette (muted): makeup, hair and fashion guide (2023)

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Mild summer is the kind of summer full of misty, dreamy images that remind you of your dearest memories. It is enchanting not because it screams vitality, but because it seduces you with calm and mystery.

Soft summer color palette (muted): makeup, hair and fashion guide (1)

It's the misty sunrise, misty sunsets and dark night. It is also the softness of the flowers, the dusty view of the field, and the sweetness of the earth and water.

We bet you already have an idea of ​​what this off-season has in store for you.

If you look best in soft, cool colors, you could be a soft summer!

Seasonal color analysis

Do you want to be your own stylist? Seasonal color analysis can help you become just that!

It's a complete guide that uses and analyzes your natural attributes and formulates the perfect color combinations that will make you stand out from head to toe.

If you think you're summer soft and want to learn tips and tricks for a soft summer look, read on to really find out!

Measures in soft summer colors


warmth and freshnessare the two temperatures that divide the seasons. These can be identified by the background of the features and the colors of the palette.

This summer type is still mostly cool, but unlike its other summer brothers, it doesn't reach the bottom of the scale. There will be some yellow tones, but they will still have blue tones.


Islight and darknesscertain colors match the value.

When analyzing the soft summer colors, you see combinations of light and dark colors, but most of these fall in the middle of the scale or in the neutral area.


Chroma or color saturation is whereliveliness and softnessfeel. The easiest way to spot this look is to look at how gray affects color.

This summer sub-season is named for its main aspect, softness. All of this season's colors and features are repeated with a touch of desaturating grey.

Comparison mild summer

The mild summer is a transitional period next to autumn. It's basically a late summer color palette.soft and coolare the main characteristics of its palette, to which a medium value is also added.

Due to the influence of summer and fall, your color analysis shows a mix of earthy and soft colors. In these comparisons you can see how the neighboring or sister palettes influence the gentle summer.

cool/true summermilder/off Summersoft waste/trash
braveryneutral lightNeutralneutral light
Chromaneutral dampedOut ofOut of

mild summer versus cool summer

Mild summer and cool summer have almost the same dimensions but different intensities and levels.

True Summer is cooler, slightly lighter and slightly brighter than Mild Summer. It also has higher contrast, which allows it to tolerate more saturated cool colors.

Mild summer vs. mild autumn

The mild summer is the last summer sub-season next to autumn, orsoft autumn, to be exact.

Both are muted and have almost the same neutrality. The amount of softness or chroma low in both fall and summer explains why summer softness has full softness to the lower end of the scale.

The mild summer may appear cooler and grayer than the mild autumn, but the adjacent autumn heat is moving the mild summer away from extreme cold and closer to a neutral level.

Soft summer properties.


Common skin tones:Porcelain, Light beige, pink beige, ivory beige, pink beige, beige beige, sienna

Soft summer color palette (muted): makeup, hair and fashion guide (2)

The soft skin tones of summer don't quite inhabit the cooler tones. There are neutral to cool neutral shades in the light to brown range and with a visible sign of freckles.


Common Eye Colors:Grey, grey-green, hazel grey, tan-grey, tan, blue, blue-grey


Each soft summer has a beautiful eye color with a shattered glass pattern like the rest of the summers. They come in light to medium shades of blue, green, gray or brown with varying gray or muddy undertones.

Even if the hair and skin become intense with their cool tones, the eyes of a bright summer are a soft light brown color.


Common hair colors:BadAschblond, dark ash blonde, lightash brown, and medium ash brown

Soft summer hair colors have a high concentration of gray, resulting in just the right amount of brown and ash that isn't too light.

Since this is a neutral season, hair colors can range from warm to cool with a solid gray undertone. It's never saturated and bright; maintains a low to moderate contrast with the rest of the soft summer features.

Although blondes rarely come naturally this off-season, blonde highlights form naturally when hit by the sun.


This off-season haslow to medium contrast. Although there are characteristics that speak for a darker shade, these colors are not far from a light value.

As previously mentioned, extremely cool hair and skin are balanced with a soft summer eye color. This is a clear manifestation of summer's soft contrast.

The soft summer color palette

worst colorsbest colorsThe best neutrals
Wonderfulsoft redsage
Orangestrawberrysoft white
plumpink blassessoft navy blue
imperial purpleMoreKitt
Green ArmyEsmeralda
Phthalogrünsea ​​foam
soft plum
flowering of corn
soft turquoise

avoid colors

It's natural that every season has colors to suit it, but it's also fair not to have everything. There will always be unflattering colors to avoid.

Since the mild summer is next to another season, you should know what characteristics or color characteristics to look out for.

  • hue— As a borderline off-season, the balmy summer tends to stay cool, although it has its fair share of neutrals. Switching to warmer tones can feel like you're in the wrong season and make your skin look sickly.
  • bravery— This off-season has no tolerance for overly bright colors as they can easily overwhelm the delicate lightness of summer.
  • Chroma— High-shine colors collide with absolute softness this off-season, ending up swallowing your soft summer glow.

In summary, like a muffled summer born with delicate softness and appropriate coolness, you are sensitive to wearing colors that embody vitality and too much warmth.


Her neutral colors form the basis of her palette of soft colors for summer clothing. It's important to have a good understanding of which colors are appropriate for your off-season and which are not.

The basic rule of thumb for soft summer neutrals is to stay away from true black and optical white. This is true throughout the summer season as these colors tend to be too harsh for you.

The rest of their neutrals fall into two categories:

  • dark neutrals— With no black in your palette, softer, softer alternatives to replace your dark neutrals are charcoal, dark taupe, and denim.
  • light neutrals— You've embraced the ease that light colors can't handle, making pastels and lighter versions of greys, sands and muted browns your light neutrals.

The best colors and combinations

Once you've checked out the dimensions of your underseason and its sister palettes, be sure to note the colors that are essential to yours. Here are some of your best colors.

Although red, yellow and pink have no defined value or brightness, they are still part of summer's classic soft color palette. But to set this off-season apart from fall, she doesn't have orange tones in the palette.

Greens and blues are family members too, as long as they're kept in a medium tone, not too warm or bright.

Blue is indeed the focal point of the palette and adding a touch of purple to these colors would look stunning even in mild summers.

Speaking of purple, soft and cool versions round out the entire palette.

You can also find some of the best shades in medium pastels.

To give you a better perspective, here are some of the best colors for muted summer based on their actual versions:

  • Red, orange or pink— Ruby, soft red, hot pink, strawberry, garnet, mulberry, blush, carnation and pale pink
  • yellow or green- Blonde, popcorn, chiffon, emerald, meerschaum and asparagus
  • morado or blue— Wisteria, Orchid, Soft Plum, Lavender, Cornflower, Steel and Soft Turquoise

Natural contrast isn't too prominent this season, so the best color combination should reflect that. They should look mixed and complementary, like this off-season's natural features.

Monochrome or analogue colors are the ideal combinations for you. These are the mixture of different shades of one hue or the combination of adjacent colors of the same value.

(Video) How to Find Your Color Season: True, Soft & Light SUMMER Color Analysis

Don't combine colors that are opposite on the color wheel if you don't want your facial features to be washed out by the high contrast they create.

Delicate summery hair colors

Mouse and dark – these traits should be preserved when changing summer hair color.

The best hair colors for a gentle summerIridescent red, sureAschblond, medium ash violet blonde, violet ash, medium blond and powdery silver.

If you're looking for shades of blonde that's as light as spring and as light as summer, it's not ideal unless you're born with it. But the harmonious styles can also be an unusual mix of highlights and highlights for youdim lights.

But beware of getting too dark; You don't want to look older.

fashion colorsIt can be found in shades of pink, purple and mushroom hair, but the best hair color for a soft summer will not be found in shades of red as they will clash with your cool features.

Soft summer makeup

Soft summer makeup looks sophisticated with minimal colors.

Matte bases are the solid foundation of your look. You can add a little shimmer or a little dew to the skin through your blush and highlights, but be careful with glitters.

If you want to maintain a "makeup-free" makeup look, yours isBase—added with your mascara's eye definition — and all you need is a cute, powdery pink lip stain.

This can easily be turned into a subtle look by adding a soft pink blush and neutral eye shadow.

And for a dramatic look, deepen your lippie shadow, apply some contour and smudge your eyeliner and eyeshadow.


Complexion makeup covers most of the skin's surface, so it's important that yourBase y correctormatch your true skin tone exactly.

In addition to using matte finishes that favor your low to moderate contrast, you'll likely have ash gray and pink undertones.

The right products should capture these aspects. They are the perfect make-up base for soft summer skin tones.

Avoid products with warm tones and rocky or shiny surfaces.


Between summers, Mild Summer contains the darker color choices but doesn't reach to true black.

Instead, you look best in dark browns, navy blue, charcoal gray, or brown. These neutral tones are also a solid foundation for creating your signature makeup.

To give it a little more life, any accent color from your soft summer colors can be used mainly to create dramatic looks.

Used in the right shades, matte eyeshadows reproduce the soft, muted characteristics of a mellow summer.

Skip overly dark or light colors and shiny, shimmery finishes. These qualities are exaggerated.

The best eyeshadow nuances for a gentle summerSon Icicle, Birke, Philippine Grey, Deep Taupe, Grullo, Grey Quill, Cedar Brown, Espresso, Dark Denim, Powder Pink, Twilight Lavanda, Graystone, Key Largo, Storm Blue und Oxley.

Eyeliner and Mascara

When we define the eyes more, we tend to use black eyeliner and mascara. However, this should not be the case in mild summers, otherwise your facial features will be put under too much strain.

For this makeup category, dark neutral colors will still be your go-to choice. Mascaras in dark gray and brown tones work best against the delicacy of your eyes.


The best shades of mascara for a soft summerThey are Dusty Grey, Steel Grey, Espresso, Dark Puce, Thunderstorm, Feldgrau and Raven.

With eyeliner, practically the same choice of neutral colors applies as with the soft summer color samples, only this time you can expand the options to unsaturated greens, blues, pinks and purples.

Like a soft summer, the best eye makeup combo is formulated by choosing an eyeliner of a different color than your eyeshadow. If it is similar to your eye color, it will also be highlighted.

The best eyeliner colors for a soft summerSie sind Dark Chestnut, Dark Puce, Sedona Sage, Thunderstorm, Blackberry Wine, Mood Indigo, Charcoal, Deep Atlantic, Bouquet Green, Rose Gold, Purple Haze, Feldgrau und Dark Denim.


Summer's soft blushes come in shades of pink and red with cool undertones. You don't need bright colors to make a statement, which is why your cheek makeup play is as subtle and elegant as a rose.

However, it may take some trial and error to find the perfect shade for your complexion.

Soft summer color palette (muted): makeup, hair and fashion guide (3)

Be sure to stay away from overly warm colors like oranges and true reds. These colors clash with your cool complexion instead of making it stand out.

Matte finishes blend seamlessly into your skin, but adding a shimmer or satin finish doesn't hurt unless it's filled with flecks of shimmer.

The best shades of blush for a soft summerThey are pale pink, soft pink, rosette, dusty rose, rose quartz, floral ginger, lilac, wild rose and table rose.

Adding depth to your face throughoutBronzerjcontoursthey are entirely up to you. Cool browns are fine for contouring, as long as you make sure they're not too heavy for your off-season value.

For bronzers and highlighters, a hint of pink, a subtle shade of brown, and a subtle shimmer can work. But remember, a little goes a long way, and you don't want to destroy your contrast and throw off your tone.

The best contour shade for a soft beaver whileThe best bronzers and highlightsThey are soft pink and New York pink.


The blush and lip makeup come from the same region of the soft summer color palette, which explains why you're seeing a similar variety of colors.

Darker shades are also possible in this off-season. Some cool plum and berry tones can create the perfect balance for a soft summer look. Again, matte, like blush, is a classic, but satin finishes can work too.

The best lipstick colors for a soft summerThey are English Rose, Pale Rose, Rose Quartz, Flowering Ginger, Desert Rose, Irresistible, Turkish Rose, Cameo Rose, Puce, Soft Rose, Dusty Rose, and Dry Rose.

Soft summer nail polish

Soft Summer Nail Polish reflects the delicate softness of this off-season through elegant muted neutrals found in both matte and slightly shimmering finishes.

The best nail polish colors for a gentle summerSie sind Rose Gold, Piggy Pink, Cameo Pink, Nude Pink, Dust Storm, Black Shadows, Slate, Rocket Metallic, Pale Lavender, Mystic Granet, Weldon Blue und Light Blue.

In the closet of a gentle summer

Wardrobe Basics

As you embark on your journey of discovering the best color and style for you soft summer, you should know the basics of what we consider your soft summer wardrobes, starting with one of the most common. -hat: denim.

You can wear classic blue, gray and charcoal whether it's stained solid, ruined, faded, vintage, acid washed, grained or sandblasted. The mild summer is one of the happiest when it comes to jeans.

For suits and evening wear, gray is the easiest to style. You can use your deepest teal, burgundy cassis, soft pine and taupe.

When considering the right materials for your additional accessories like your shoes, belts, and bags, light-absorbing and diffusing fabrics work best for you versus colorful, reflective ones.

Suede, rawhide, brushed velvet and corduroy offer just that.

Raw linen, cotton, wool, felt and lace are all natural fabrics that can add depth and flavor to your style.

(Video) Soft Summer & Soft Autumn Color Palette - Best Hair, Makeup, Outfit Colors - Neutral Skin Undertone

Patent leather shouldn't be anywhere near your closets, but you can still try moderately contrasting snakeskin leather.

For extra class or to upgrade your glasses, refrain from wearing black frames. You can still go for your usual dark grey, charcoal and slate tones.

Avoid bright colors, reflective metals and glossy surfaces. Look for partial frames in semi-transparent marble, metallic or powder coating.

prints and patterns

After learning the basics of wearing appropriate and flattering colors for this special summer season through the soft summer palette, finding matching outfits is now easy for you.

But there's more to a soft summer wardrobe than just solid colors; You need to jazz it up by incorporating prints and patterns into some clothes as well.

The right pattern is mostly filled with summer's muted color palette. This doesn't necessarily mean these are the only colors found in the piece, but make sure they are present on most fabrics.

These colors may be more in line with soft summer or their sister palettes like true summer pink or soft fall blue, but the palette never has a place for bright spring orange.

Then, design elements are more attractive when they feature delicate natural details like feathers, leaves, flowers, and birds.

Floral and watercolor textures are the perfect soft summer elements we're looking for, especially when displayed as a drawing or brushstroke.

Finally, when it comes to arranging prints and patterns, they should be small to medium, just like their natural contrast.

Nothing too dense, too neatly arranged, too sharply shaped, or too rigidly geometric in appearance flatters its appearance.

jewelry and accessories

With gold and silver looking good this off-season, you can wear a flexible line of soft jewelry and accessories for summer. Thanks to the influence of autumn, you can get yellow and rose gold, titanium, white gold and platinum.

If you're still cautious about wearing gold, pair classic yellow gold with fresher pieces in the rest of your outfit and you'll be just fine.

And if you're looking for eye-catching accessories, look for traditional pewter.

However, the metallic texture is something to consider carefully.

The best metals for this off-season are brushed, matte, satin, and hammered. And while vintage pieces can work too, as long as you don't keep them too blackened, shiny metals are a no-no in your wardrobe.

Others don't feel complete without noticeable stones. And for this kind of summer, cloudy and opaque stones are all the rage.

The sea is a good source for it! Like sea glass and pearls, as long as they aren't shades of peachy, cream, or yellow.

Other stones that suit this off-season include round cabochon versions of rose and smoky quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, moonstone, rhodochrosite, and rhodonite.

Pieces that are too bright and shiny can drown out this off-season's natural colors. But you can always try reaching for champagne or pebble diamonds to take the shine down.

frequently asked questions

Can mild summers have warm hair?

Fall's influence of warmth and earthiness reveals soft summer hair in warmer shades of brown; however, it should always have a muted or mouse-like appearance.

Does black look good in mild summers?

True black is a winter color that has too much vibrancy and depth for a mild summer.

Soft summer color palette (muted): makeup, hair and fashion guide (4)

Wearing this color next to your face can make you look aged and unhealthy. If you're looking for alternatives, charcoal or off-white shades of brown and gray are great options.

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