Installation basics for MrSteam steam showers (2023)

If you're a designer or remodeler interested in learning more about the finer points of steam, you've come to the right place! This second chapter in our two-part steam shower education series covers installation fundamentals and provides the resources you need to create an amazing customer experience with steam.

>>See the first part-Steam Showers 101: How to Turn a Bathroom into a Wellness Retreat- where we discuss the wellness benefits of steam and provide a basic planning checklist for getting your wheels working.

Steam Shower Installation Planning

One great thing about Steam is that you can go as big or as small as you want in terms of project scope. This applies whether you are converting an existing shower into a personal steam bath spa and wellness retreat, or wiping the slate clean and building a new personal retreat.

In any case, it is important to plan the installation of the steam shower. You must consider the overall space, interior, plumbing, electricity, steam generator, materials and the rest of the room, including ventilation. Let's explore each step in detail.

Plan the overall size of the space.

When it comes to planning the overall size of space required for a steam shower installation, it is important to consider the size of the sauna and the materials that will be used.

The MrSteam formula for the volume of a steam bath is V=LxWxH, which is important when selecting the right size steam generator.

We also suggest consideringAnthropometryfor maximum comfort.

Anthropometry is “the scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body”.

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In other words, don't start out by giving your customers a minimum size based on CxWxH. Instead, design for maximum comfort. Then adjust the steam generator to fit in that space. The minimum comfortable size for one person is 3' x 3' x 7'.

>> VerSteam Baths and the Science of Human Comfort

Think of the ceiling.

An 8' ceiling is ideal for a steam room.

(Video) Geyser: How to Install a Mr Steam System with iTempo Control

The important thing to remember about ceiling height is that steam rises. If you design a room with a grandiose 13-foot ceiling, your average height client will not be affected. The laws of physics dictate that the steam will be close to the ceiling.

Can go higher than 8', say up to 10'but the size of the generator has to increase to compensate for this greater height.

A question we are often asked is whether a roof slope is necessary. Unless you're going to be using your home steam bath for more than 45 minutes at a time, we don't think it's necessary.

MrSteam offers several tools to help you determine which steam generator will work best for your application. You'll find them detailed in the resources section at the end of this article.

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Plan the interior of the steam room for maximum comfort.

The interior of the steam room should be conducive to relaxation. This means you need to be comfortable throughout your vaping session, in a seated position with the controls within easy reach.

bench seats

MrSteam recommends sitting on a bench inside a steam room, built-in orfolding shower seat🇧🇷 You are looking for seats that are a minimum of 15" deep and 18" high from the shower floor as shown in the drawing below.

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control placement

Ideally, the steam bath control should be located 4 to 5 feet above the finished floor, close to the countertop for convenient access, and on the wall opposite the steam head so it will accurately read the temperature. This control location is important because there is a thermostat within the controls that would not read correctly if placed directly on top of the steam head.

Steam head and floor drain

The steam head should be located 6" to 12" from the shower floor and on the wall opposite the control as just mentioned. It should also be positioned away from the swimmer's head, body and feet.

For the floor drain, linear drains can be considered as shown in the image below.

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waterproofing steam bath

It is important to prevent mold and mildew from developing in a bath and steam environment. Good options includehot rub, adding avapor barrieror using a closed cell membrane (eg Wedi-Board).

>> VerDealing with the Unexpected in a Complete Home Makeover and Steam Room

(Video) Mr.Steam How to iMSTS Installation

For more information, we recommend that you visitTile Council of North America website for frequently asked questions about steam rooms.

Plan the plumbing connections for the steam generator.

You should only use brass or copper pipes (no PVC or PEX). Plan the following connections:

  • 3/8” water line to steam generator
  • 1/2” steam line from generator to steam room
  • 1/2" drain line

You should also reduce the incoming water pressure, if possible, to (PRV) 15-25 PSI.

Be sure to use threaded unions to make repairs easier. Threaded joints are highly recommended as a steam generator is an electromechanical device and you may need access.

>> VerHow-to videos for steam generators, steam showers and towel warmers

Electricity Plan.

You will need 240V (or 208V) household electricity, probably single phase, and a dedicated circuit breaker. GFI is not required.

Plan the steam generator.

Where will you locate the steam generator? It can be in a heated attic, in a cupboard, or even under a built-in shower, as long as it is not exposed to the interior of the steam shower space. Be sure to review the steam generator's electrical and plumbing requirements to determine the optimal location.

This 3:23 minute video titledHow to install a steam showerit's a great resource.

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Material Plan.

As we mentioned earlier, materials are important. To maximize efficiency, it's best to choose non-porous materials like tile and marble for shower walls rather than porous materials like slate and mesh-backed mosaic tiles.

If you're not sure, subject your materials to an immersion test. If they absorb water, they are porous and will require a larger steam generator.

>> VerTiled steam bath? Marble steam bath? What is the difference?

Plan the rest of the steam room.

Lighting can make a world of difference in a steam room. If you plan to include lights, we recommend using energy-efficient 75-watt halogen bulbs designed for humidity and temperature levels in steam rooms. These lights offer shower-appropriate trim and sealing and an attractive flush-ceiling mount for architectural integration. This lighting is US and Canada/cETLus listed.

(Video) SteamSpa Steam Bath Generator Installation Guide

Ventilation plan in the bathroom.

Here is an important question for you:

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We also recommend astandard bathroom exhaust fanoutdoor steam shower and blinds to help prevent mildew

If you have windows in the bathroom, we recommenddouble glazing for exterior windows.

>> VerHow to seal steam shower windows

Nichesfor shampoo and other bath items add beauty and utility to the shower space.

Choice of components for the steam bath

There are so many good reasons to choose steam, whether you have a client who wants it for the holistic health benefits and is convinced of the eco-friendly aspects of steam, or a client who focuses on the skin benefits and is sold on the relaxation factor. Once you get to the point in the customer conversation where you're ready to talk about the details, this is where you start talking about the steam generator, how to customize the steam experience, and the look of the components.

>> Watch the 1:25 minute video titledHow do steam generators work?.

Help with generator size and more

A useful tool for selecting the different components of a hammam is MrSteam Virtual Spa, which takes you sequentially through:

  • Generator sizing page
  • Control pack selection page
  • Spa package selection page
  • Accessories selection page
  • Towel warmer selection page
  • Summary page

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>> VerCreate a dream steam bath with MrSteam's updated virtual spa

>> Ver13 frequently asked questions about steam showers answered

Personalization for the ultimate in wellness

One of the most fun parts of the configuration planning process is selecting SteamTherapy customization items:

(Video) How To Design a Steam Shower

  • aromatherapy- Choose aromas to soothe or energize using an electronic oil delivery system that infuses aroma into the steam on demand via the control in the shower.

>> VerHow to Add Aromatherapy to Your Steam Bath to Invigorate Your Mind and Body

  • chromotherapy- Set the mood with steam-sealed, low-voltage MS Chroma LED modules that are durable and cool to the touch. Chromotherapy lights provide color selections that can be set to a single color or a cycle (ETL listed).
  • terapia musical- Express your feelings with AudioWizard and MrSteam, 60 watts peak power two-way speakers that are moisture resistant, flush mount, marine grade and feature powder coated grilles. They're ready for music from virtually any source.

you will findconvenient steam control packages:

  • I dream
  • Butler
  • Butler

Steam Installation: Start to Finish

This second article in the Ask Dan & Martha series of presentations covers the basics of installing and planning for Steam. As 'The Feel Good Company', we are here to ensure that every aspect of what you do makes your customers' dreams of steam come true, from installation to the actual experience they will have with the feel-good saunas.

here is the completePresentation of basic concepts of installing steam showersby MrSteam.

Steam Bath 101 Resources

These resources will provide you with more information about steam showers:

Be sure to follow us on social media:

We want to make it easy for you to do your job well and give you the Steam knowledge you need. Whether it's sizing a generator or figuring out plumbing connections, we're here to help.

(Video) Mr.Steam ChromaSteam3 Installation

We hope you feel equipped to create the best possible customer experience. Let us know if you have any questions.

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