How to get rid of blackheads on your nose: 8 options plus prevention tips (2023)

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Blackheads in the nose can be removed or prevented with good skin hygiene and products such as retinoids and chemical peels. Preventing clogged hair follicles can help.

A girl in my high school math class said she thought the freckles on my nose were cute. It wasn't freckles… it was a few blackheads. Now, over a decade later, I'm still dealing with blackheads on my nose and I still notice them every day.

carnationsThese are pimples that rise to the surface of the skin. When a pore is clogged and closes, this is called an Awhitehead. But if the tip is left open, a blackhead will form.

Many people think that blackheads are dark because that is the color of dirt in the pore. The truth is, blackheads are black or dark gray because oil and dead skin clog pores.oxidize' (turn black) when exposed to air.

When dealing with blackheads, you might be wondering how to get rid of blackheads on and around your nose. Here are eight options you can try—from home remedies to dermatologist recommendations—plus prevention tips to help keep blackheads at bay.

I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard that washing your face regularly can help with acne.

It's a good idea to also wash your face in the morning to remove any dirt or bacteria that may have gotten onto your face overnight. You should also make sure you wash your pillowcases regularly.

Just be careful not to do this.cleaner,which can peel the skin and actually cause it to produce more oil to compensate.

Be sure to wash off as soon as possible after exercising. A facial cleansing wipe is great for when you don't have easy access to a sink.

Sweat can get trapped in your pores along with dirt and oil, which is why you should wash your face – ideally before the sweat has a chance to dry.

Here you will find soft facial cleansing wipeson-lineor at your pharmacy or cosmetics store.

We've all seen the commercials that show the smiling woman who is delighted to remove blackheads from her nose. Pore ​​strips temporarily remove a layer of skin, and with that often comes the oxidized oil and dirt that form blackheads.

However, pore strips don't stop blackheads from coming back because they don't regulate your skin's oil production.

For best results, try steaming your face beforehand (for example, over a pot of boiling water, be very careful) to open up your pores.

While they can temporarily make your pores look smaller, pore strips also have the potential to remove important natural oils and hair follicles that are helpful for your skin. This can cause irritation and dryness.

You can find pore stripson-lineor at your pharmacy or cosmetics store.

It can feel a little strange to apply oily sunscreen to skin that is breaking out, which can be caused by excess oil. But it is important that you use sunscreen, regardless of your skin type - oily, dry or sensitive.

Fortunately, there are some great oil-free options that effectively block both UVA and UVB rays. check out theseOil free sunscreensfor oily or acneic skin.

When you think of exfoliation, you might think of hard or rough peels. These can actually make acne more inflammatory.

Fortunately, there are several mild chemical peels you can use. Look for those that containAlpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs).

These are mild acids that help remove dead skin cells. They help other products penetrate the skin better and work more effectively.

You may have heard of salicylic acid for acne, which is a BHA. BHAs are oil soluble and help unclog pores.

Glycolic and lactic acids are considered water-soluble AHAs and derived from natural sources such as milk, fruit or sugar.

Just remember that AHAs and BHAs remove a layer of skin, which can make it more vulnerable to UVA and UVB rays. So don't forget your SPF when you go out.

You can find gentle facial scrubson-lineor at your pharmacy or cosmetics store.

Clay is a mild ingredientThis effectiveness dates back to antiquity. Clay helps rid the skin of excess oil and can help loosen or even remove dirt from clogged pores.

Clay-based face masks work more gently than pore strips, which can peel off a layer of skin. Instead, clay gets into the pore and can gradually remove dirt and oil.

Some clay masks contain sulfur, which helps break down dead skin and can improve the appearance of blackheads. Nonetheless,Many people are allergic to sulfurTherefore, it's a good idea to do a skin test on your arm if you've never used a product with sulfur before.

Look for clay maskson-lineor at your pharmacy or cosmetics store.

Charcoal is showing up in all sorts of products now — I have a charcoal-infused toothbrush — and for good reason. Coal is a great detoxifier. Works deep into the pores to draw out dirt and other impurities.

There are many wonderful charcoal masks available over the counter. or you can buyactivated charcoalPills at a pharmacy, open the pills and make your own mask using a mixture of bentonite clay, tea tree oil, honey or just water.

You can find charcoal masks on the counteron-lineor at your pharmacy or cosmetics store.

topical retinoidsvitamin A derivatives andhas been shownto improve acne. They are available over the counter or in prescription form.

Retinol increases skin cell turnover and may also reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

It must be mentioned thatPregnant women are advised to avoid retinolbecause excessive amounts can adversely affect fetal development. If you are pregnant, you can try using it.bachiolor rosehip oils instead of retinol for similar effects.

You can find topical retinoidson-lineor at your pharmacy or cosmetics store.

Salicylic acids can help dissolve the keratin that clogs pores and causes blackheads.

It is also an effective exfoliant, but you should only use it on areas of your body that have pimples or blackheads. Using it all over the body can causesalicylate poisoning.

You can find salicylic acid gelon-lineor at your pharmacy or cosmetics store.

Avoid self tanners

I love a good tan every now and then, but if you're trying to accentuate those blackheads on your nose, it's best to skip the tan on your face.

This is because the product can lodge in existing blackheads, making them darker and more prominent. Even worse, self-tanners can further clog your pores, leading to more breakouts.

Do not abuse the products

Trying too many products at once, even if they're designed to fight acne, can overwhelm your skin and make nose blackheads worse.

Stick to a product or two and remember to use a moisturizer.Very dry skin produces excess oil, which can make blackheads worse.

Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxideit is a common and effective ingredient found in many over-the-counter acne medications. It's anti-inflammatory, which means it helps soothe inflamed acne like cysts, pustules, papules, and nodules.

Blackheads and blackheads are not considered to be inflammatory types of acne, so benzoyl peroxide does not have a pronounced effect. It won't hurt, but it probably won't help either. Benzoyl peroxide will stain towels and clothing, so be careful when using it.


Extraction is the process of manually removing a pimple by applying direct pressure to the site. It's best to leave that to the professionals. Dermatologists or beauticians have the right tools, properly disinfected.

Attempting to squeeze, pop, or remove blackheads in your nose without professional help can cause permanent redness, irritation, or scarring.

Blackheads in the nose are common. While harmless, they can be annoying. Washing your face daily, using oil-free sunscreen, and trying pore strips, retinols, or products that contain salicylic acid can all help clear it from your nose.

Self tanners can really make blackheads stand out more. If you want to pluck, remove, or extract blackheads, it's best to consult a professional who has clean tools and knows the right method to avoid scarring and further irritation.

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