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When setting up a dartboard at home, you need to be careful about how high you place the dartboard and how far away you put the starting line. People focus too much on making the target setup look good (which of course is important, we all want a professional setup...) but get the wrong measurement of elevation and distance.

This means that each exercise carries over minimally into competitive play because you've become accustomed to throwing to a certain height or distance, and that's what your muscle memory is based on. Below is the correct height and distance of the target:

Target height (measured from the center of the target to the ground): 1.73 m (5.8 in) above the ground

Target distance (measured from the face of the target): 7'9-1/4in (2.37m)

Read on as we cover the correct dartboard height and distance for all dart setups and guide you through correctly setting up your dartboard at home.

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(Video) How to measure dartboard height and Oche (throwline) distance.

What you need to set up a dartboard at home

Just like the thousands of others who have joined the darts revolution, have you now decided to set up a dartboard at home...simple enough?

Well, there are actually a few factors you need to adhere to if you want this to be the place that delivers the next Gerwyn Price or Peter Wright.

First of all you need a safe spot with enough clearance around the board to throw darts safely and that means 5ft wide to support the board (if you find it necessary) and rogue darts what if you have a Beginners are, it's gonna happen.

Then, depending on the surface you're pouring on, you might consider onedart protection mat, not only thatProtect your floorbut also your darts when they fall off the board.

These mats are available with starting lines already marked, which is a useful thing to know and don't forget to keep valuables away from the immediate vicinity of the board.

You should also pay special attention to the lighting, as the better the board is lit the more accurate it will be cast, and make sure the light is angled so as not to cast shadows on the board.

(Video) Proper height and distance for a dart board

The dash needs to be installed away from doorways, an obvious safety precaution as you don't want anyone tripping over a steel-tipped dart on their way to the dash, and finally consider using something that feels like a mat or rug raises or wooden bases as a throw line which can present a tripping hazard, so if they are not secured keep them in a safe place.

To set up a goal, you need the following:

  • tape measure
  • Drill (for wall mounting)
  • Mounting and adjustment accessories (often supplied with the dartboard)
  • Assembly instructions (this also comes with the board)

dartboard measurements

As we've said before, it's important to leave plenty of room for your new motherboard. A dartboard alone is about 18 inches in diameter but often comes complete with a back panel of various shapes containing a scoreboard, built in lighting and storage for darts and while some are open others have the cabinet doors which take up more space when fully opened.

Target Height and Distance (How to Hang a Target)

Your target should be mounted flush to the wall or surface you are using as any tilt or incline will not provide a true shooting experience and will likely cause the target to move away from its actual position.

If you consider that modern boards can weigh more than 5 kg, it is important that they are fixed with special brackets that allow convenient centering of the board with the 20 in the right position. These brackets usually come with the hob or cabinet and vary in their attachments, so in some cases they are specific to a specific hob.

The board must be placed at a height where the center of the board or bull is exactly 5 feet 8 inches or 1.73 m from the ground.

For more information on hanging your dartboard, see our more detailed guidehow to hang a targetor watch this helpful video below:

(Video) 🎯 Oche Measurement Made Simple - HOW TO 🔧

Dart distance

The exact distance to throw to the throwing line, finger line, or oche (whatever you want to call it) is 7'9 1/4 inches or 2.37 meters.

Well, this measurement is not taken from the wall but from the front of the target. So if you drop a plumb bob from the front of your dashboard to the ground, take the measurement from there to ensure accuracy. It can be dead accurate with certain digital or laser markers, but you're entering the millimeter realm now, so don't lose too much sleep over that score.

Target Launch Distance = 7'9 1/4 inches (2.37 meters) measured from the face of the target to the starting line.

Dart throw distance for women

The distance for the women is exactly the same as for the men and since the women are now competing against their male counterparts on the circuit, that is also correct.

Then they also throw from 7'9 1/4in or 1.73 metres, but it is not uncommon for this to be 7' in some clubs where women participate in darts games and practices, but the professional circuit gives no leeway and is 1.73 m.


Soft tip dart launch distance

Throw distances for soft tip darts vary slightly at 8 feet or 2.44 meters in length.

Starting distance for wheelchairs

The distance from the throwing line is exactly the same for wheelchair dart players. The throw distance for wheelchair darts is set at 1.73 m or 7'9 1/4 inches, but the dartboard height is set at 4'6 inches or 1.37 m.

How much space do you need for the darts?

It is imperative that you pay particular attention to the space around your board. When you consider that you are shooting almost 8 feet at a board that is 6 feet up the wall, and that doesn't account for inaccuracies, then you see the importance of placing the board in a room with plenty of space!

You should stay away from expensive decorations and belongings and remember that there are pets and curious little children in households, so pay attention to all these points.

As well as you hold up, it's obvious that mistakes and bad luck can cause darts to fly in different directions than expected (particularly as a result of ricochets). So even if your board has decent surround sound, allow a few extra feet on each side of the board to be safe and protect furniture or floors that dart points could damage.

final thoughts

When getting your first (or new) target, one of the most important things is to get the target height and distance right. This ensures you're shooting from the distance used in competitive games.

The height and distance of the target are designed for optimal play and take into account the trajectory of the arrow. So if you want the most enjoyable experience possible, make sure your goal is set to the following measurements:

(Video) Darts - How To Measure the Throwing Distance or length from dartboard to oche

  • Bullseye height: 1.73 m (5'8 in) above ground
  • Bullseye-Abstand: 7'9-1/4in (2.37m)


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