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So you want to grind and level up your character in Bloodborne to the max to decrease the difficulty of the game? Oh boy I have bad news for you. Although leveling up leads to easier runs through lower level areas, there is something called "soft caps" and "hard caps" in Bloodborne.

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In this article, we will address these issues. What is the difference between soft cover and hard cover? Why should you care about these factors? Without further ado, let's get down to business.

Conclusion in advance:Soft and Hard Caps are the decreasing return points in Bloodborne's stats.

Was sind Softcaps?

Soft caps are certain thresholds where you get less return for each stat you put in that category. An example of this is the stat called Vitality; If you increase Vitality early, once you hit 30 Vitality, each added point will result in a diminishing return.

To put this in perspective, we make a theoretical analysis here. Let's say you start with 100 HP and increase your Vitality stat. You gain an additional 20 TP per point until you reach the soft cap of 30. Once you hit the soft cap of 30, you get 15, 14, 13, 12, and so on instead of gaining an extra 20 TP per point.

From this explanation, we can conclude that soft caps are where yields begin to decline.

Was sind Hardcover?

Hard caps are much more severe penalties or higher returns than soft caps. Let's go back to the vitality example and put it in the context of maximum compounding.

At Soft Cap, you still get at least a reasonable amount of return per point added to health. However, if you hit the max limit, you will get much less than what you invest in the stats.

Instead of getting 15 points after hitting the 50 max vitality cap, you would theoretically only get five HP per bonus stat. These much smaller diminishing returns continue until you get almost nothing from the additional statistic.

Hopefully this explanation can help you differentiate between soft and hard caps.

Soft Caps and Max Caps per stat in Bloodborne

Bloodborne Soft Caps Explained | not now mom (3)

There are actually two soft caps in Bloodborne, and you'll even get a steeper drop after hitting the second soft cap. Here are the soft limits per stat.

  • vitalityIt has a first soft limit of 30 and a second soft limit of 50 with a hard limit of 99.
  • persistenceIt has a minimum cap of 40 and it's not worth investing much after it hits 40 stamina.
  • StrengthIt has a first soft limit of 25 and a second soft limit of 50 with a hard limit of 99.
  • CapabilityIt has a first soft limit of 25 and a second soft limit of 50 with a hard limit of 99.
  • your backIt has a first soft limit of 25 and a second soft limit of 50 with a hard limit of 99.
  • SangreIt has a first soft limit of 25 and a second soft limit of 50 with a hard limit of 99.

So what is the point of knowing this information? Well, usually in FromSoft games there is usually a meta layer for PvP.

(Video) Help A Noob Play Bloodborne - The Red Jelly Problem

The usual level would be 120, whether it's from a Dark Souls game or even Bloodborne. With knowledge of the minimum and maximum limits, you can plan your successful stat allocation based on the build you seek when venturing into the world of PVP.

Soft caps and hard caps in other SoulsBorne games

Other SoulsBorne games also have soft and hard covers. This includes Sekiro as well, however there is no hard data for Sekiro other than user-provided data such as:is on reddit.

Here's a quick rundown of soft and hard limits for other SoulsBorne games.

demonic souls

  • vitality– The first minimum limit is 30, a second minimum limit is 50 and a maximum limit is 99.
  • persistence– Stamina ends once you reach 40, but gear charge increases to 99.
  • intelligence– 10 to 13 you get a magic slot. With 14 Intelligence, you get two slots for Magic. You get additional slots at intelligence levels 18, 24, 30 and 40. You can get a maximum of six slots per character.
  • Strength– The first minimum limit is 30, a second minimum limit is 50 and a maximum limit is 99.
  • Dex-The first minimum limit is 30, a second minimum limit is 50 and a maximum limit is 99.
  • Magic– The first minimum limit is 30, a second minimum limit is 50 and a maximum limit is 99.
  • Fe– The first soft cap is 30, a second soft cap is 50 and a hard cap is 99. You also get more wonder slots at faith levels 10, 16, 24 and 36 with a maximum of four wonder slots.
  • happiness – Happiness has no soft cap, but it does have a hard cap at level 99.

Dark Souls 1

  • vitality– Increases HP until it hits the soft cap of 30 with a second soft cap of 50. It increases until it hits the hard cap of 99.
  • Song– Increases the tuning slots cap of 50 with a maximum of 10 tuning slots.
  • persistence– As in other FromSoft games, stamina has a maximum stamina limit of 40; However, the charge and bleeding resistance of the gear will continue to increase up to level 99.
  • Strength– Two soft caps at 20 and 40, with a hard cap at 99.
  • Be able– Dexterity is unique, attack rating has soft caps of 20 and 40 with a max cap of 99, while cast speed is capped at a max of 45.
  • persistence– Soft caps at 15 and 30, with hard caps at 99.
  • intelligence– Has a soft cap of 40 and 50 with a hard cap of 99
  • Fe– Cap at 50, with MagAdjust falling off talismans heavily after 50.

dark souls 2

  • Kraft– Increases HP until it hits the 20 soft cap with a second soft cap of 50. It increases until it reaches the maximum cap of 99.
  • vitality– Soft Caps at 29, 49 and 70, this stat increases your team's charge and increases your Defense and Poison Resistance.
  • Song– Increases the tuning slots cap to 75 with a maximum of 10 tuning slots.
  • persistence– Soft Caps at 20, affects stamina, physical defense, balance and a bit of HP.
  • strength, skill and faith– Softcaps a 40 und 50, con Hardcaps a 99.
  • adaptability– Increases Agility, Poison Attack, and other Stamina stats. Soft caps at 25.
  • intelligence- Soft caps at 20 and 40 and start at the max cap at level 50.

dark souls 3

  • Kraft– Increases HP until it hits the soft cap of 44 with a second soft cap of 50. It increases until it reaches the maximum cap of 99.
  • vitality– Soft Caps at 40, this stat boosts your team's Attack and increases your Defense until it maxes out at 99.
  • Song– Starts with a soft cap at 30 attunement levels, after that you only get one spell slot for every 10 attunement levels.
  • persistence– Hard caps at 40 for stamina and physical resistances.
  • Strength– Soft caps at 27 and 40, with hard caps at 99.
  • dexterity and intelligence– Softcaps a 40 und 50 con Hardcaps a 99.
  • Fe– Soft cap in 40 and 45 with hard cap in 60.
  • happiness – Softcaps a 50 y Hardcaps a 99.

alter Ring

  • Kraft– Two soft caps in 40 and 60, hard cap in 99
  • Geist– Two soft caps in 55 and 60, hard cap in 99
  • persistence– Stamina has a soft cap of 50, gear charge has two soft caps, 25 and 60. Both max caps at 99.
  • Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith and Arcana– Three soft caps of 20, 55 and 80 with a hard cap of 99.

Bloodborne stats and their implications

Before we get to the builds, we must first solidify our knowledge of each character's stats in Bloodborne. How it affects your character, what are the advantages of assigning points to this value, etc.

  • vitality– Statistics correlating with a player's health; Adding stat points increases the player's total HP.
  • persistence– Statistics correlating with a player's stamina; Adding stat points increases the player's overall stamina, which in turn allows for more actions like attacking, dashing, and dodging.
  • Strength– Statistics correlating with a player's strength; Adding stat points allows the player to wield larger weapons and increased damage as the weapon grows in power.
  • Capability– Statistics correlating with a player's ability; Adding stat points allows players to use weapons that revolve around agility, improve overall flow of movement between attacks, and increase weapon damage as skills increase.
  • Sangre- Statistics correlating to a player's ability to wield firearms; Adding stat points increases the damage of a player's firearms, or even the weapon when scaled to Bloodtinge.
  • your back– The value correlates with a player's ability to use elemental weapons and spells; The addition of stat points expands the variety of hunter tools the player can access.


Bloodborne Soft Caps Explained | not now mom (4)

Origin is like a class system in Bloodborne. Set a stat preset for your starting character, so choose wisely as this can affect your character's overall versatility. There are nine origins to start with in Bloodborne.


The statistics

  • level 10
  • Echos des Blutes – 300
  • Vitality - 11
  • Endurance - 10
  • Strength- 12
  • Ability – 10
  • Sangre- 9
  • Arkan- 8

A beginner class that focuses on being a physical DPS with high Vitality, Strength, Endurance, and Dexterity. Its main disadvantage would be low arcane and incipient blood tint.

sole survivor

The statistics

  • level 10
  • Echos des Blutes - 420
  • Vitality - 14
  • Endurance - 11
  • Kraft- 11
  • Ability – 10
  • Sangre- 7
  • Arkanum – 7

As the name suggests, this class offers increased survivability with a focus on vitality, good stamina, strength, and dexterity, but with a deep, arcane undertone of blood.

troubled childhood

The statistics

  • level 10
  • Echos des Blutes - 360
  • Vitality - 9
  • Endurance - 14
  • strength- 9
  • Ability – 13
  • Sangre – 6
  • Arkanum - 9

A class that offers more early game action due to its high stamina, as well as the ability to wield fast weapons with its high starting stat. He has decent Vitality, Strength, and Arcana; However, their firearms can have low initial damage due to the class's low blood stain.

violent past

The statistics

  • level 10
  • Echos des Blutes - 180
  • Vitality - 12
  • Endurance - 11
  • Strength - 15
  • Ability - 9
  • Sangre – 6
  • Arkanum – 7

This class offers very high starting Strength with high starting Health, Stamina, and an average Skill Score, but with very low Arcane and Bloody undertones.


Bloodborne Soft Caps Explained | not now mom (5)

The statistics

  • level 10
  • Echos des Blutes - 240
  • Vitality - 9
  • Endurance - 12
  • strength- 9
  • Ability – 15
  • Sangre- 7
  • Arkan- 8

The Pro class, with its high launch ability and decent endurance, calls for great mobility and agility in combat. However, it has mediocre Vitality and Strength, a low arcane blood undertone with an even lower initial blood echo.

(Video) Helping a Noob Play Bloodborne - Access v Ludwig, The Accursed

Military veteran

The statistics

  • level 10
  • Echos des Blutes - 320
  • Vitality – 10
  • Endurance - 10
  • Kraft- 14
  • Ability – 13
  • Sangre- 7
  • Arkan – 6

It's a flexible class that offers lots of Power and Dexterity, decent Vitality, Stamina, and Blood Echoes; However, it does not have good arcane and blood levels.

noble offspring

The statistics

  • level 10
  • Echos des Blutes - 540
  • Vitality-7
  • endurance- 8
  • strength- 9
  • Ability – 13
  • Sangre – 14
  • Arkanum - 9

Noble Scion is a class that has decent starting damage with firearms due to their high blood tint, lots of blood echoes, and great starting ability stats. However, their mediocre and arcane strength holds this class back.

Cruel fate

The statistics

  • level 10
  • Echos des Blutes – 500
  • Vitality – 10
  • Endurance - 12
  • Strength - 10
  • Ability - 9
  • Sangre- 5
  • Arkanum – 14

Cruel Fate is the class to go to if you want to go with a mage/cleric/mage build in Bloodborne. He has high arcane stats, decent starting blood echoes, stamina, good vitality and strength. These perks come with downsides like mediocre strength and intolerably low blood staining.


The statistics

  • Level 4
  • Echos des Blutes – 10
  • Vitality – 10
  • endurance- 9
  • Strength - 10
  • Ability - 9
  • Sangre- 7
  • Arkanum - 9

Waste of Skin is one of the best starting classes in Bloodborne. I always choose this class in FromSoft games because of the great flexibility for different builds to choose from even if you respect your character.

Although you may have a much more challenging early game than any other class in the early game, the late game potential of this class is immense.

Recommended stat and weapon builds for BL 100+

Bloodborne Soft Caps Explained | not now mom (6)

First off, let's start with this build list; We would like to thank the YouTubers who put a lot of effort into presenting their compilations. Unfortunately I couldn't share which version I had because I haven't played Bloodborne since Sekiro came out.

Anyway, here are some of the fun and recommended builds for Bloodborne.

High physical damage build by ZOXTheGamer

Here are their distributions for statistics.

  1. origin: Military veteran
  2. vitality: 53
  3. persistence: 12
  4. Strength: 50
  5. Capability: 42
  6. Sangre: 7
  7. your back: 6
  8. right arms: Serrated Blade +10, Beasthunter Saif +10, Funeral Blade +10
  9. left weapons: Jägerpistole +10, Gattling Gun +10

This build is a great all-around build for the military veteran class. Its main purpose would be the PVP side of things; However, since this is already a blood level 120 build, you can easily get through the bosses in the game with this build.

To learn more about this build, watch this video on ZOXTheGamer.

The bloodstained tramp built by FightinCowboy

Here are their distributions for statistics.

(Video) Bloodborne Reiterpallasch and Canon in MaxNG! Blow Everything to Bits.

  1. origin: Unknown
  2. vitality: 30
  3. persistence: 30
  4. Strength: 10
  5. Capability: 25
  6. Sangre: 50
  7. your back: fifteen
  8. right arms: Chikage +10, Reiterpallasch +9
  9. left weapons: Eveline +9
  10. Effects of Caryll's runes
    • Increases maximum resistance by +15%
    • Increase Max HP +10%
    • Visceral attacks restore HP +200
    • Constant healing near death +1

This build is great for PVP/PVE; With the stats scaling on the Chikage and Evelyn's firearm in particular, you're sure to deal plenty of damage to your enemy. However, be aware that if you decide to transform the Chikage, it will drain his HP and can kill him if you're not careful.

Use the Chikage's transformation properly and you'll be sure to crush unsuspecting invaders with this build. In addition, this build increases the Bloodtint soft cap to 50, ensuring you're maximizing every gram of damage you can squeeze out of Evelyn and Chikage.

Here is a video explaining this build in more detail, along with a demo in both PVE and PVP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the best way to survive in Bloodborne?

Answer: In Bloodborne, you can survive by increasing Vitality to the maximum of 50, or you can learn each monster's moves and dodge according to its actions. I would suggest that when enemies shoot at you, your health will increase a bit.

Go back to the enemies and test them again; With this strategy, you could at least fire a few more shots and make room for a few more mistakes. This strategy is perfect for beginners in FromSoft games; However, I wouldn't recommend this strategy for veterans of the game.

Question: Is Dark Souls or Bloodborne better?

Answer: Having played both Dark Souls and Bloodborne I would say they are both great games but Bloodborne stands out for me.

That choice was between the fluidity of the combat and Bloodborne that kept me particularly engaged as I played. The world of Bloodborne is beautiful, as are the characters and the lore. But Elden Ring vs. Bloodborne is a different story altogether.

Question: Who is the toughest boss in Bloodborne?

Answer: For me it would be the orphan of Kos. Please note that this opinion is from my own perspective only.

This boss is the one I had the hardest time dealing with; The complex move-set, variable attack timing, unrelenting aggression, it all took everything the game taught me to the point where I had to fight this atrocity.

It was only fitting that this was the final boss of the Old Hunter DLC, as it was by far the most challenging boss I've encountered in Bloodborne.


Hopefully this guide has helped you tell the difference between paperback and hardcover in Bloodborne. Make sure you use these limits to properly optimize your build and now you can create your own build from scratch.

Continue reading:

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Guide to Bloodborne Bugs


What does soft cap mean in Bloodborne? ›

A soft cap is a point where a stat experiences strong, sudden diminishing returns. A hardcap is a point at which you can no longer increase something at all. So for example, increasing strength increases the damage you deal with heavy weapons. You get a LOT of extra damage per stat point up until 25.

What is the soft cap for Bloodborne stats? ›

Soft Caps and Hard Caps Per Stats in Bloodborne

Endurance has a soft cap of 40, and it's not worth investing much after hitting 40 on endurance. Strength has a first soft cap of 25 and a second soft cap of 50 with a Hard cap of 99. Skill has a first soft cap of 25 and a second soft cap of 50 with a Hard cap of 99.

Does arcane have a soft cap Bloodborne? ›

Arcane appears to soft cap at level 25. Beyond that, you won't see as much of a benefit to leveling up arcane. It hard caps at 50. Boosting your arcane will also unlock the ability to use certain tools that you'll discover throughout Bloodborne.

What is the soft cap for vitality in Bloodborne? ›

The Vitality stat governs HP (hit points). Once you reach 30 in Vitality you will start to see diminishing returns, after 50 (the soft cap) you will see a more severe drop-off all the way up to 99 (the hard cap.)

What happens if you have 0 insight Bloodborne? ›

1 Insight causes the Doll to activate. If you ever drop to 0 and come back she will be inanimate again, but you can still level up. 10 Insight makes the Insight Merchants in the Hunters Dream appear. If you go below 10 at any time, they will vanish again.

How does soft cap work? ›

The soft cap. The soft cap is triggered when the difference between a player's newly calculated Handicap Index and their Low Handicap Index is greater than 3.0 strokes. When a calculated Handicap Index increase is greater than 3.0 strokes, the value above 3.0 strokes is restricted to 50% of the increase.

Is 1500 the soft cap? ›

The new Power level soft cap is 1500. Every piece of gear you pick up will have a chance to raise your Power level until you reach 1500.

Can you become overpowered in Bloodborne? ›

Making an overpowered character is more than just picking the right stats & finding the right tools – it's learning how to play the game. In this respect, the Hunter's Pistol is the better starting firearm. As the gun will only ever be used for parrying, there's no real need to upgrade or replace it.

Should you level up bloodtinge? ›

While Bloodtinge does help increase the damage of most guns and some weapons — the Chikage perhaps being the most notable example — most Bloodtinge attacks aren't all that powerful even after leveling them up, making them virtually useless in combat.

Does arcane affect Ludwig's holy blade? ›

Although Ludwig's has an "A" rating in Arcane when it is fully upgraded, this stat only scales if it is slotted with a rune that changes its damage type from physical to arcane, bolt or fire. Doing so will cause the sword to scale with Arcane, but it will lose its scaling with both Strength and Skill.

Does bleed still scale with arcane? ›

When infusing a weapon with any of the below Blood Ashes of War, bear in mind that once a weapon has the Blood affinity, it will then scale using Arcane primarily. All other scaling types will be decreased!

What is the most important attribute in Bloodborne? ›

Endurance. Endurance is incredibly important in Bloodborne as this governs how many times you can attack and how many times you can dodge and roll as well. You will see an increase in this stat up until level 40, where it will then barely increase until level 99.

Is 30 vitality enough Bloodborne? ›

Notes. Practically speaking, a player should try to have between 40 and 50 Vitality to squeeze as much health value from the stat as possible. Along with Endurance, this is tied as the most important stat to level up.

What is the soft cap for faith? ›

Intelligence and Faith Soft Caps – 20, 50, and 80 / 60 and 80. Intelligence and Faith stats also have the same soft caps. These stats also come with two different sets of soft caps, one affecting the attack power of weapons that scale with said stats and their soft caps are at levels 20, 50, and 80.

Is it better to have high or low Insight in Bloodborne? ›

Higher Insight levels will increase the difficulty of the game because enemies will gain new and more powerful attacks. The player's vulnerability to Frenzy will also increase drastically.

Is it worth having high Insight? ›

While sporting high Insight can make a player's Bloodborne run feel all the more fleshed out and interesting, keep in mind that this does come at the cost of a harder game in several ways. For starters, high Insight reduces the total effectiveness of the Beasthood stat.

How do I get unlimited Insight in Bloodborne? ›

The most controlled way to gain Insight without farming particular enemies and areas is to consume Madman's Knowledge items, which each grant 1 Insight after destroying the skull leaking cosmic secrets. The early areas with the most Madman's Knowledge to be looted are Central Yarnham and Cathedral Ward.

How long does soft cap last? ›

➢ A Soft Cap and Hard Cap will be included in the calculation to limit the extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index within a 12-month period.

How does the soft and hard cap work? ›

If your Handicap Index increases by 3.0 strokes within a year, the soft cap slows the rate of additional movement beyond 3.0 strokes by 50%. The hard cap sets a max increase of 5.0 total strokes within a year.

Is there a max handicap? ›

Rules of Handicapping FAQs

A. The maximum Handicap Index is 54.0 for all players.

How to get past light level 1500? ›

If you want to reach the Soft Cap of 1500 quickly, the best option is to play The Witch Queen Campaign on Legend difficulty, as this will reward a full set of 1520 gear upon completion - putting you 20 Power levels above the Soft Cap and shortening your grind to the Power Cap of 1550.

How to get above 1560 Destiny 2? ›

To increase your Power level, you must obtain new weapons and armor with a higher Power level rating. All non-sunset loot you obtain will increase your Power level until you reach the "soft cap." This cap changes each season. For Season of the Seraph, the soft cap is 1,530 Power.

What do you get for completing witch queen on legendary? ›

As a reward for completing the whole campaign on Legendary, you will receive: A full set of 1520 Power level gear. Eight Upgrade Modules. The Triumph required to complete the Throne World's seal.

Is it better to have high or low insight in Bloodborne? ›

Higher Insight levels will increase the difficulty of the game because enemies will gain new and more powerful attacks. The player's vulnerability to Frenzy will also increase drastically.

What is the most damaging weapon in Bloodborne? ›

1/15 Ludwig's Holy Blade

It can tear enemies apart with no real effort. Its move set is also reliable--chaining into a hard to avoid combo. As such, Ludwig's Holy Blade is the best weapon in Bloodborne for most players.

Does Bloodborne get harder every time you beat it? ›

As is the case with other games in the Souls franchise (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls,) Bloodborne features a system of New Game Plus cycles that progressively get harder with each iteration. Bloodborne's New Game Plus in particular is especially challenging, upping the difficulty considerably.

What is the easiest origin in Bloodborne? ›

If you're a beginner, however, we'd recommend Milquetoast or Lone Survivor. The former is a good all-rounder, but trades out Vitality for a greater spread of combat abilities.

Can you have 3 summons in Bloodborne? ›

You can have two guests summoned in your world at once.

How long does soft cap last on handicap? ›

➢ A Soft Cap and Hard Cap will be included in the calculation to limit the extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index within a 12-month period.

What's the best armor in Bloodborne? ›

The best armor set in Bloodborne is actually found in The Old Hunters DLC. Players find the Harrowed set in the Fishing Hamlet after defeating Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower. The Harrowed set has the highest physical damage defense with 310.

What weapon has the highest faith scaling? ›

While many weapons also scale off strength or dexterity, the Golden Order Greatsword scales much more off Faith than anything else.


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