Best men's boots 2022: the most durable, versatile and timeless long shoe options (2023)

Fragile footwear that gives you cold feet? The best boots for men can help keep you warm, dry and looking good through the colder months and beyond. They're tougher than sneakers, tougher than your average old shoes, and if you buy them right, they'll take care of you as well as you take care of them.

A good pair of boots is essential for every man. Sneakers and flats are great for everyday tasks in good weather, but when the going gets tough, you need something that's up to the challenge. That's why boots have been the footwear of choice for blue-collar workers, law enforcement, outdoorsmen and the military for centuries. But you don't have to be a mechanic or a marine to benefit from them.

The best men's boots have been around for decades, or in some cases centuries. They are not products that cut and change from season to season; These are menswear icons that have long-standing reputations built over many years. We're talking premium materials, traditional building techniques passed down from generation to generation, and replaceable/repairable parts for the longest possible lifespan.

In short, a real pair of boots is an investment, not just a purchase, and we've gathered the cream of the crop below to help you find the right pair.

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The best boots for men: summary

How to choose the best men's boots for you

What kind of boots should I buy?

Boots have been around since around 1000 BC. C., which makes them one of the oldest types of footwear. Since then, they've broken down into all sorts of different shapes, styles, and purposes.

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It's a broad spectrum that covers everything from highly specialized mountaineering boots that use technical fabrics and insulation, to simple suede boots that won't last five minutes in the rain, let alone an attempt on Everest.

The type of boot you should buy depends a lot on your lifestyle, the local climate and how you intend to wear it. That said, generally speaking, it's best to go for something versatile and comfortable that goes with everything and can handle a variety of tasks. A good boot should take a beating in the woods or in the store without looking out of place when worn around town on weekends.

Should I buy leather or gamuza boots?

Suede is softer and more comfortable right out of the box than smooth leather, but it's harder to care for and much easier to damage. If you are buying boots with the intention of using them as winter footwear, then leather will be the best option for you. If you're just looking for a casual boot for everyday wear and aren't likely to face inclement weather, a suede will suit you.

What type of sole should my boots have?

Different styles of boots have different soles. Traditional shoes made in Northamptonshire tend to have a leather sole, while boots made for outdoor activities often have a rubber sole with lugs, known as a "command" sole. Some classic work boots feature a flat wedge sole made from foam rubber, designed to grip well on potentially oily shop floors and prevent slipping.

For general use, a rubber sole will give you the best bang for your buck, especially if you buy boots that have a 'Goodyear welt' or similar construction. This is the traditional way of sewing the upper to the sole and allows the sole unit to be easily replaced when it wears out, extending the life of your boots indefinitely.

Do I need waterproof boots?

It really depends on how much you intend to use them in wet weather. If you'll be walking through puddles and creeks regularly, buy a boot that has a waterproof membrane. This allows sweat vapor to escape from the inside, keeping water droplets out. That said, a waterproof boot will never be as breathable as the non-waterproof alternative. And since a well-maintained leather boot deflects rain very well, you need to think about whether the breathability trade-off is really worth it.

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The best men's boots you can buy in 2022

1. Timberland 6" boot: the ultimate waterproof boot

Price:£ 180 |Buy now at Timberland

From rap superstars to weather-worn construction workers, Timberland's iconic 6" boot has a diverse fan base that has built itself over the years on good looks, durability and reliability. It's an elevated style that hugs the ankle with padded collar and sits atop a chunky sole that's great for grip on wet ground and uneven surfaces.It's also waterproof, making it a good choice for anyone who lives in a particularly rainy area, or just for anyone who likes to know your boots are protected if conditions take a turn for the worse. Protection from the rain is reinforced by Primaloft insulation that helps keep feet warm and dry. In terms of looks, the round toe design is clean, simple and classic, which means that these boots go with everything and don't go out of style easily, we advise going down to half a size for a perfect fit.

Main Specifications - Material:nubuck;Waterproof:Sim;Style:with laces;Single:rubber, dragged

Buy now at Timberland

2. Clarks Desert Boot: The Ultimate Casual Boot

Price:£ 120 |Shop now at Clarks

Best men's boots 2022: the most durable, versatile and timeless long shoe options (2)

It's hard to imagine a simpler piece of footwear than the famous Clarks Desert boot. And therein lies its beauty. This simple boot is a mid-calf style with a crepe rubber sole and a two-eyelet design that makes it incredibly easy to pair with anything from soft tailoring to t-shirts and jeans. Is it the most comfortable shoe on the market? No, but it's not uncomfortable either, and the timeless looks and versatility more than make up for a short break-in period. There are countless color options in leather and suede, but what we love most about this boot is that it has barely changed since 1949. After all, why should you?

Main Specifications - Material:Ante;Waterproof:No;Style:with laces;Single:rubber, crepe

Shop now at Clarks

3. Danner Mountain Light: The best hiking boot

Price:£ 400 |Buy now from Danner

Best men's boots 2022: the most durable, versatile and timeless long shoe options (3)

Eagle-eyed viewers may recognize this traditional leather boot from the James Bond movie, Spectre. 007 used Mountain Light in Austria in the Hoffler Klinik and in subsequent stunts, and if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for us. The boot itself is an old-school hiker, with a reinforced fold-over tongue and D-ring lace fasteners. It's been in production since the 1970s and is available with or without a waterproof Gore-Tex lining. In terms of performance on the trails, it'll be hard to keep up with today's lightweight synthetic boots, but they'll still stand up long after they've fallen apart thanks to their handcrafted construction and premium materials. Not that you need to be walking to enjoy Luz Mountain. In fact, we think it works just as well with jeans and a casual jacket on the town.

Main Specifications - Material:Leather;Waterproof:Optional;Style:with laces;Single:rubber, dragged

Buy now from Danner

4. RM Williams Gardener: Melhor bota Chelsea

Price:£ 375 |Buy now at R.M. williams

R.M. From Australia, Williams began making heavy-duty riding boots for ranchers, ranchers and bushmen nearly 100 years ago. The brand is still doing its thing to this day, and this handmade Chelsea boot is proof. It's comfortable, built to withstand the harshest environments, and smart enough to pair with tailored pieces for smart and casual outfits. Handcrafted, it's made from a single piece of leather for maximum durability and features Goodyear welded construction so the sole can be easily repaired and replaced. Be sure to meticulously check the size chart as we found them to run a little too big.

Main Specifications - Material:Leather;Waterproof:No;Style:To dress;Single:drunk, floor

Buy now at R.M. williams

5. Red Wing 6” Moc: The ultimate work boot

Price:£ 289 |Shop now at Red Wing Heritage

Best men's boots 2022: the most durable, versatile and timeless long shoe options (5)

The 6” Moc by American shoe brand Red Wing is the ultimate work boot. They have thick oil-tanned leather uppers, a wedge sole, a stitched toe and gold-tone taslan laces. It's a style that works equally well in the store, outdoors or around town, offering a combination of rugged looks, practicality and personality. Sure, it can be a battle to get into, but once you get there, you'll be left with a very comfortable boot that will last for years and years. When the sole finally wears out, it is easily replaced and the Oro-Legacy leather takes on a beautiful patina as it ages. If you're looking for a boot you can count on for the long haul and not get carried away by the awkward first few weeks, this is one of the best options available.

Main Specifications - Material:Leather;Waterproof:No;Style:with laces;Single:rubber, wedge

Shop now at Red Wing Heritage

6. Tricker's Stow Country Boot – Best brogue boot

Price:£ 515 |Shop now at Tricker's

Best men's boots 2022: the most durable, versatile and timeless long shoe options (6)

Tricker's has been making high quality country boots since the 19th century. One of Northamptonshire's original shoemakers, he specialized in brogue boots, which feature perforated patterns that were originally designed to allow water to escape when walking through marshes to hunt. The Stow Country boot is one of the brand's best-selling styles, over 100 years old. It is a quintessential British boot with a lot of character and is available with the traditional leather sole or the more practical rubber sole. Granted, it's not the cheapest boot on this list, but what you're paying for is centuries of experience from one of the oldest boot makers in the world. Not to mention the high-quality leather and handcrafted construction, which is still carried out in the family owned factory in Northampton to this day.

Main Specifications - Material:Leather;Waterproof:No;Style:with laces;Single:rubber or leather

Shop now at Tricker's

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