7 of the best wellies to buy (2023)

Reliable wellies are essential to making the most of any weather or terrain, and the difference between each brand is palpable. If your old pair is starting to creak at the seams, take a look at our picks of the best wellies to buy today.


Choosing the best galoshes for you

Wellies should be sturdy and comfortable - and most importantly, keep water out and your feet dry. Wellies come in a variety of styles, from the traditional high leg to the shorter Chelsea boot, and in a variety of materials. Rubber such as neoprene is most commonly used, but tall boots can also be made from impregnated leather or PVC.

The best wellies for you will depend on the type of activity you will be using them for most. Chelsea boots should suffice for daily dog ​​walks and inclement weather errands. However, if you need to venture out in particularly poor conditions or snow and ice, for example, high-top, lined wellies may be the best option.

Our list below is by no means exhaustive but should give you a good idea of ​​the types of styles, shapes and designs to help you find the best wellies for you.

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best rubber boots

Tested by Pat Kinsella

The original Arctic Sport rubber boot from Muck Boot Company

7 of the best wellies to buy (1)

This beast in boots looks and feels like it could see you safely through the apocalypse, which has been a comforting thought lately. It can certainly handle wintry conditions no matter how severe things get.

more like that

The Arctic Sport Welly upper is a smart combination of a durable welly with a GU foam upper fully lined with 5mm neoprene. And the elastic Topline lacing pulls the shaft of the boot close to your calves, preventing drafts and splashes.

These unisex wellies also have a soft fleece lining and an extra layer of thermal foam in the bottom for extra warmth. The molded EVA midsole is cushioned, and despite the chunky nature of all the components, they're not quite as heavy as you might expect (1,209g for a single men's size 11). In addition, they are pleasant to walk on.

The sole of these rubber boots is super voluminous, with large protrusions for good grip and with reinforced points on the toe cap, heel, instep and Achilles tendon area. The extension of the sole around the heel helps when taking off the shoes and has a loop for putting them on. They are available in black, moss and brown.

Hunter Balmoral full zip boots

7 of the best wellies to buy (2)

A truly regal boot, the Balmoral looks absolutely regal – but doesn't mind getting dirty. The exterior is handcrafted from natural rubber and lined with a 3mm thick neoprene liner for adequate warmth. The full-length zip makes it easier to slip on and the pronounced heel spur makes it even easier to take off.

In fact, these wellies are 100% waterproof thanks to a full stretch gusset between the zip and the neoprene lining, and a snap button prevents the zip from popping open.

The Wellington Balmoral Boots have a tough, durable Vibram sole and offer the same grip and performance you expect from quality hiking boots.

They're not light, weighing 1,375g per boot (women's size 7) and the fit is skinny and high (not ideal for those with short legs or wide calves). You can swap out interchangeable 3mm and 5mm insoles to fit your feet, and the midsole provides a decent level of shock absorption.

These wellies are available in dark olive for women and men, and black and navy for women.

Viking gumleaf rubber boots with a wide calf

7 of the best wellies to buy (3)
  • £115

Designed for those with larger calves, the unisex Viking is adjustable and you don't have to have legs like Schwarzenegger to appreciate this great boot.

The strap at the back of the boot isn't just for show (unlike some others); Combined with an accordion gusset to allow the wearer a snug fit around the calf. It also keeps cold air out and keeps sand, snow and splashes out of mud and slush.

The standout feature of these wellies is the durable Vibram sole - something you would normally see on a quality hiking boot - which gives them excellent grip in all sorts of conditions. The Viking's high-quality rubber exterior is fully lined with a 4mm thick layer of neoprene (including a sewn-in insole), making it very comfortable and warm (Gumleaf claims comfort values ​​down to -10°C).

It's a beautiful rubber boot that comes in one colour: dark green with brown accents.

Compare a Bota Viking Wide Calf Wellington da Gumleaf

Buy the Viking Wide Calf rubber boot from the country catalogue

Barbour Bede Wellingtons

7 of the best wellies to buy (4)

Here we have a classic welly from a respected brand with deep roots in the British countryside. These wellies solve one of the persistent problems with this type of shoe: how to take them off without getting your socks and the surface you want to use as a makeshift jack dirty. The spur on the back of the heel allows users to move easily.

Other features of this boot (available in black and navy blue) include a calf buckle, but this looks more decorative than practical as there is no gusset. The sole feels durable and the underfoot grip (deep indentations in the front, with backward angles in the heel that act as brakes on descent) is unspectacular but extremely effective on the court.

The upper is made from vulcanised rubber and attractively lined in Barbour's signature tartan. But they're not particularly warm, and the inside is cotton, which doesn't add thermal properties - especially when wet.

The Bede is marketed to men, with the women's Barbour wellies being the reinforced, neoprene-lined, better-equipped Amble (£80).

Helly Hansen W Veierland 3 waterproof wellies

7 of the best wellies to buy (5)

These Veierland 3 wellies are stylish women's boots from a robust Norwegian rainy-weather brand that prioritizes fashion at least as much as functionality.

The upper is made from premium rubber with a finely brushed lining and features an elasticated stretch vent at the calf, topped with a decorative round buckle. They are pleasantly light boots with an EVA midsole - a material that is often used in technical races andwalking bootsand boots that improve comfort and performance while reducing weight.

The tread consists of densely packed lugs that tend to clog with mud, reducing grip.

Decathlon Solognac warm rubber boots

7 of the best wellies to buy (6)

These pocket wellies feature a removable fleece lining that's warm enough for the wearer to comfortably lie still for half an hour at -12°C, according to Decathlon. They are so well insulated that they would get very warm outside of the coldest months; and minus the interior space, they'd probably be too big.

The interior is integrated into the trunk via a rather flimsy pull loop; It's essential for getting the boots on and off, but it soon fell loose in my hand when I put them on. Designed for fishing and icy hiking, these wellies are relatively lightweight and have good support, with cleated soles with deep lugs.

They are only available in black for men, women and children.

Fitflop WonderWelly

7 of the best wellies to buy (7)

These comfortable boots have a classic look, but there's superpower in the heel and elegantly contoured sole. The unique "Honeycomb Heel" absorbs the shock of foot impact, and the elastic forefoot propels your stride up and literally bounces off your stride. This is noticeable and comfortable on hard ground (but rubber boots are of course more often used in muddy conditions).


Other features of this welly include a brushed fabric lining, a non-slip sole, and a calf band and gusset that offer an easy fit. These wellies are mainly released for women (the UK size range is 3-9) but they are generously sized, leaving room for thick socks. They are available in black, red, gray and navy.

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