15 Best Waterproof Leather Boots of 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide) (2023)

Since you don't know when it's going to rain on your shoe or when it's going to hit water, one of the best investments you can make is a waterproof shoe. Not just for any design, the best waterproof leather boots come in handy if you live near water or snow, or if your work attracts a lot of moisture. This is because water can attack the fibers from the inside if it penetrates the shoe. While most waterproof leather shoes can function as everyday shoes, they tend to be more expensive. As a result, you need to get the place of purchase.

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  • How to buy the best waterproof leather boots


    Leather: Since our list is about leather shoes, you should know that leather materials are one of the best waterproof materials used to make shoes. In addition, the leather is thick and has natural breathability. However, another important material for waterproof shoes is rubber. Due to its versatility, rubber combined with leather increases the overall waterproof quality of a shoe.


    There are different types of sealingleather boots. This ranges from casual to active and professional. Since you probably can't wear a hiking shoe to work, you need to buy a product that supports this feature. Most hiking shoes have a moisture-wicking lining and an excellent shock absorption system. This helps prevent odors and limit the effects of exercise. Work boots, on the other hand, are less bulky and sportier. Features such as toe protection and scratch protection are not uncommon in work shoes. While you don't need a waterproof shoe for formal errands, a shoe with a waterproof upper and non-slip sole doesn't hurt.


    The midsole should provide sufficient cushioning and absorb as much shock as possible. The soles also support the entire body in motion. Therefore, a poorly constructed sole can cause damage to the legs. Non-slip, fireproof and impact-resistant soles are very important properties of a waterproof shoe. In addition, it increases the overall lifespan of the shoe and ensures a comfortable fit.

    Material Intern

    Another feature that increases comfort is the inner material used in the manufacture of shoes. Therefore, you must check the description to ensure that the shoe is made of materials that improve comfort. Features like memory foam, EVA and infused gel add comfort.


    Combine sole and inner material and the question remains how comfortable the shoe will be in use. While most waterproof shoes are designed to provide adequate arch support, keeping your feet dry and reducing irritation, some do not. So, just in case, check the materials used for the lining and sole of the shoe. Features like tongues, collar padding, closure system and perforated panels are also very important. Most importantly, only buy a boot that fits you well.

    product rating

    Below are the best waterproof leather boots:

    Timberland Men's White Ledge Waterproof Ankle Boots

    Crafted from 100% leather, the Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot for men is a ruggedly designed boot engineered to keep your big foot stable over rough terrain. Designed for hiking and related practices, the boot is crafted from oiled leather with a lace-up vamp and rear cleat. There's also a removable dual-density EVA footbed and a padded collar for the perfect running experience. The shoe includes premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers, stainless steel quick-lacing with tie hooks, and a seam-sealed waterproof construction.


    • sealed construction
    • Stainless quick lacing hardware with hooks
    • Premium waterproof full-grain leather upper


    • The eyelet came off prematurely for some customers

    Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Shoe

    Columbia's Newton Ridge Plus waterproof hiking shoe is engineered with advanced traction technology and features an Omni-Grip, multi-surface traction system for walking on different terrains. A multi-zone tread pattern provides a solid foundation and the right grip on different surfaces. Designed for women, the boot is engineered for comfort and traction. The seamless, waterproof construction combines leather and suede to keep your feet dry all day. The lightweight TECHLITE midsole also ensures high energy return and cushioning.


    • extended traction
    • superior comfort
    • durable construction


    • Some customers complain that the trunk gets hot on hot afternoons.

    Under Armor Stellar men's military and tactical boot

    Designed by Under Armour, the men's StellarMilitaryeTactical boot100% leather come with molded EVA midsoles with reinforced TPU shanks for support and protection. The shoe features a textile upper made of 900D nylon and DWR-treated leather. It also has a fast, minimalist design and a polished tip for a sleek look. To prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes, the shoe features a molded Ortholite footbed fused with anti-odor technology. The hat measures approximately ankle height from the arch of the foot and the shoes have a low profile rubber sole.


    • Anti-odor technology
    • Molded EVA midsole
    • 900D nylon textile upper

    In contrast

    • Some customers complain about slipping in the kitchen

    Skechers Verdict Herrenstiefel

    The durable rubber outsole offers enough traction and comfort to get you through rough terrain with ease. In addition, the padded insole guarantees sufficient cushioning. The Skechers Verdict men's boot features a lace-up construction and leather upper for attractive and stylish footwear. The shoe comes with collar, padded tongue and plain fabric shoe lining. To ensure a classic fit and cushioning, the product is equipped with air-cooled memory foam. There's also speed hardware on the axis.


    • Air-cooled memory foam
    • padded insole
    • Smooth fabric lining


    • Some customers complain about poor breathability

    Timberland Mt Maddsen waterproof leather hiking shoe for women

    The Timberland Mt Maddsen Mid Leather Waterproof Women's Hiking Shoe is sleek and stylish with women's anti-fatigue technology. With a full-grain waterproof leather upper, the shoe features an eco-friendly Timberdry waterproof membrane to keep feet dry. The reinforced tongue works well to keep debris out during use. Also, the internal nylon shank allows for torsional rigidity, and the compression-molded EVA midsole absorbs shock and provides lightweight cushioning. A 34% recycled rubber outsole provides traction.


    • Anti-Fatigue Technology
    • Nylon inner pole
    • Compression molded EVA midsole


    • Some customers complain about tight and slim fit

    Men's Chocorua Trail Timberland Medium Waterproof

    The Timberland men's Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof boot is made in the USA with 100% waterproof leather and a rubber sole for maximum performance. The upper is premiumwaterproof leather bootsFrom an LWG Silver-rated tannery. In addition, an environmentally conscious waterproof Drywood membrane improves the waterproof quality of the shoe. Other features include a compression molded EVA foam midsole comfort system, a removable anti-fatigue footbed and a fully reinforced tongue.


    • stainless fittings
    • removable insole
    • waterproof protection


    • Some customers do not recommend it as a work boot

    Men's Irish Setter work boots 83912 Marshall 11" Waterproof steel toe boot without heel

    Ultradry construction, electric hazard protection outsole and RP technology make the Irish Setter Work Men's 83912 Marshall 11″ Pull-OnWaterproof work boot with steel toe capOne of the best waterproof leather boots. The shoe features a protective heel and sole construction that reduces the risk of contact with an electrical part. As a result, it serves as a secondary source of protection. RPM technology also reduces the weight of the boot for lightweight features and comfort. Plus, it's designed to provide strength and lasting performance without adding too much weight. Ultra-dry, moisture-wicking lining provides long-lasting drying performance.


    • Ultra dry performance
    • RPM-Technologie
    • Protection against electrical hazards


    • A little tight in the middle when putting on, but adjusts when your feet are in

    Ariat Groundbreaker men's boot with wide square toe

    Crafted from leather with a variety of upper options, the men's Ariat Groundbreaker Wide Square Toe Workboot features a four or double row stitch pattern. Built on a history of groundbreaking innovation, the shoe is engineered for maximum comfort and durability. These include a four-layer sockliner for cushioning, a lightweight stabilizing shank for support, and a Duratread outsole for maximum wear resistance. In addition, the boot has a mesh lining and an additional comfort insole with greater bounce. In addition, the sole is non-slip and oil-resistant.


    • Four-layer padding
    • support rod
    • sola Duratread


    • Runs too big or too small for some customers

    Wolverine Floorhand waterproof 6" men's steel toe boot

    The Wolverine Floorhand Waterproof 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot for men features a lightweight cement construction and synthetic soles for long-lasting performance. With a shank that measures approximately 6 inches from the arch of the foot, the shoe features a full-grain leather upper for waterproof protection when wet. In addition to the synthetic sole, a non-slip rubber sole prevents the foot from slipping when it is wet. A moisture-wicking mesh lining also provides additional comfort.


    • Absorbent mesh lining
    • Lightweight cement
    • Full leather upper


    • A bit bulky for some customers

    Men's Wingshooter Boots ST-83632 Irish Setter

    True to its name, the Irish Setter ST-83632 men's Wingshooter boot is a tough, durable work boot designed to provide excellent comfort on the job. The shoe has a safety toe protection system that protects the toes from the impact of falling or heavy objects. An Ultradry system also combines waterproof components with a moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet drier for longer. The sole is also heat resistant with a minimum melting point of up to 4750Fahrenheit as it is designed to work well on high heat surfaces.


    • Safety toe cap
    • Heat resistant soles
    • non-slip sole


    • hard but worth it

    Timberland Jayne 6" waterproof comfort boot for women

    In addition to its construction, the Timberland Jayne 6″ Waterproof Convenience Boot is as stylish as it is practicalStiefelCome on. With premium waterproof leather upper, the shoe is designed for durable use, comfort and strong abrasion resistance. The shoe is fitted with a lace-up closure and features a padded collar for a custom fit and comfort. There is also a cushioned footbed and leather lining for added comfort. In addition, the seam-sealed construction increases your performance and the rubber outsoles provide traction.


    • abrasion resistance
    • elegant design
    • padded collar


    • The toe cap is a little tight but relaxes with use

    Vivobarefoot Tracker FG M men's leather hiking shoe

    Made in the USA, the Vivobarefoot Men's Tracker FG M Leather Hiking Shoe features a waterproof construction with a sealed inner membrane. The outdoor shoe for men also serves as a hiking shoe for navigating rugged and wild terrain. This is ensured by the high-quality leather and the solid sole. In addition, the product offers thermal protection and has a waterproof lining to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature throughout the day.


    • high quality leather
    • solid sole
    • heat protection


    • Some customers complain that the sole comes off after a few months of use

    Clarks Tilden Zip II waterproof boot for men

    The only ankle boot on our list, the Clarks Tilden Zip II Waterproof Boot for men features premium leather and clean lines. Designed for men, the boot features an internal zip for easy on and off. In addition, an Ortholite footbed on the inside ensures foot comfort. A durable rubber sole also provides sufficient grip and acts as a shock absorber in the event of an impact. The insole is removable and there is a smooth synthetic lining on the inside.


    • Stiefelette
    • durable rubber sole
    • Removable Ortholite insole


    • non-compliance with the price list

    Skechers Men's Waterproof Melego Chukka Segment Leather Boot

    The waterproof Skechers Segment Melego leather men's chukka boot combines functionality and stylish design with a lace-up closure and perforated side panels. The boot features a pull-back lacing and a padded tongue and collar for a comfortable fit. For added comfort, the footbed is padded with gel-infused memory foam and the outsole is rubber to prevent slippage and increase traction.


    • drunk alone
    • Gel infused memory foam
    • Padded tongue and collar

    In contrast

    • Didn't last long with some customers


    Because buying the best waterproof leather boots can be a hassle, we have compiled a list of the best boots to suit your needs.

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